Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sherry made me do it . . .

I have always admired and wished I could create altered art and cards similar to what Sherry Cheever designs. Well, here it is "Sherry Made Me Do It!" I've finally gotten the confidence and courage to make a multi-multi layer card. Still could use a few more layers but I like it. Thank you Sherry for your inspiration!!
Entering this card in:

Outlawz Monday Greeting card challenge - May 30 Anything Goes GC053011

edit: although Sherry thinks I'm missing a few (5) layers. Whew! more layers! Gonna need a bigger canvas to work on. LOL Thanks for the comment Sherry!

edit 2: this card is featured in the Outlawz gallery! (6-5-11)


  1. Excellent but by my calculations, its five layer short! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

    Thanks for the sneak peek . . . I needed a laugh tonight!!!

    Truly though, your card is awesome and I'm so glad you finally got up some nerve to try. Keep at it!!

  2. What a beautiful card! LOVE the blue and yellow! :)

  3. Nan, This is gorgeous!!! I love the colors and the design! Great job!
    I found you at The Outlawz Follow Me Forum and am so glad I did!