Friday, January 27, 2012

Feb. sneak peek

Okay so all of the DTs that are going to Winter CHA have been posting sneak peeks. Weelll ? So can we... here's a peek at a card, a Valentine's Day card? Someone pick Big Sis up off the floor, she's fainted I know cuz I "don't do Valentine's cards"!!!! LOL  This won't post till February I don't want to spoil the surprise for a friend!


  1. Nan, I love it, great idea and you made me smile. Can you imagine if everyone did this, what fun! Valentine's Day huh, now I can hardly wait to see what you've come up with. From what I can see your card looks awesome!

  2. LOL Love the humor here of the sneek peak.... The card sure looks interesting of what I can see... love twin and that flower sure is pretty!