Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WOYWW #170

It's WOYWW #170! Because I've not posted the past few weeks doesn't mean I haven't been hopping and looking at all of the wonderful creative spaces out there! Today I remember to take a pic of my desk and the west wall of my studio. Oh by the way, This WOYWW was started by Julia Dunnit and has really grown. Go ahead take peek at some of your fellow crafters/artists desks. There's some amazing art going on around the globe!

I'm working on a couple of altered cigar boxes (wood) and dabbling with a metal plaque while the paint and ink dries on the boxes. I have one finished box that will be posted probably tomorrow. Come back and check it out. :)


Baby Roo posing for the camera :)



  1. oooooh, I see lots of interesting "stuff"! lol thanks for sharing...

  2. I have a kitty like Baby Roo too! Got her at a local shelter and she will sit like that and then sit up on her haunches and look like a kangaroo. I call her Stormy cause she talks and carries on all the time and has such a stormy temperment.!

  3. BTW I love those drawers and all the organization going on there!