Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas #238

Yes there a few of us that will be WOYWW hopping today. Though some of my day will be spent in the company of good friends. We'll play cards, gab and eat too much fabulous food!

My desk as I leave it Tuesday night.

Using some leftover bits of rusted crinoline, might become a piece of a collage. Since I was gluing I glued down a heart and what looked to me like a tree which has a layer of distress rock candy glitter. There's some glassine trees and my pack of files. And a cd which I am attempting to turn into a clock. If I can get the paper to stick!

Here's my inspiration for trying to work with CDs...a clock I won from Karen the Clock Lady. Click here to go to her Blog.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. I'll pop by tonight and tomorrow. Now if you are clueless as to what I'm talking about stop by Julia's the Stamping Ground for all the deets and links. Then enjoy visiting folks all over the world on this Christmas Day 2013!

Merry Christmas!
from Nan, T and Baby.

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T for Tuesday and Tree

Linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth for Christmas Eve Tuesday T.

Picture found on Pinterest and while it's a cool pic it is very representative of Christmas for me this year.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Smile it's Friday!

I missed posting last week but I'm back today with one that stopped me in my tracks and grab the iPad quick!

The Girls have gotten too big now for both of them to fit comfortably in the bathroom sink but that doesn't stop Baby from trying to snuggle with her sister T, for an early evening nap. :)

I'm surprised I got this pic as usually the second I turn on the light they're both gone.

I hope you will take a moment to stop all the hub-bub of holiday prep and Smile with Annie and the Girls and I today.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

WOYWW 237!

Yikes! What a mess. My desk tonight is all the stuff my snowbird friend and I played with today. So you'll see some embossed backgrounds with stencil overlays, TH stencils and some yucky tags. Paints and brushes needing to be out away. So dear Julia fear not we have an "eek" desk this week also.

Need clarification of why I'm showing you this desk? Pop over to The Stamping Ground and click on the WOYWW tab for the deets. Then drop down to all the links and have a good snoop around the world.

Wishing everyone a HAPPY CHRISTMAS!

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WOYWW 236 & Houses!

What day is it?

It's show n tell day!

Wednesday, the day we show our desks and tell all. Thanks to Mrs. Dunnit who started this little get together a wee bit ago. Do join in and meet some lovely talented folks and see some very interesting desks. ;)

Now I know you're all anxiously waiting saying come on girl get to it...show us those houses! Well, here they are waiting patiently on my desk for their display cases to be finished. Yes, that's right, they'll be put in clear boxes for display. I didn't make the little box houses just their fronts (issues with my hands n all). And they're probably not the Christmas village you might of been expecting either..... big grin!

I've made ..... Steampunk Xmas Houses!

Hope y'all like my steampunk village. So there's display boxes and two more trees to finish. Might get done before the big day.

Sending Happy Holiday greetings to all!

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Smiles

Good afternoon my friends,

I'm a bit late linking up with Annie's Friday Smiles and not sure if this will make you smile....I'm certainly smiling. This is my faux rust Christmas tree made from glassine paper. Getting it all put together was quite a feat as my hands were shutting down on me (not working properly). I'm very happy with how it turned out. It'll look great with my little houses. Oh, look there's a house corner. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Smiles and hugs from me and The Girls.
(oh yes they smile too.)

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

235th WOYWW

Here we are at the first WOYWW of December!

My desk tonight as I leave it...

While pieces are drying over on the other desk, I'm putting a bit of distress glitter on what I hope will look like a rusted Christmas tree to be cut from this piece of crinoline. There's several jars of texture and embossing pastes, well used and loved distress paints and the usual ink pads and tools. On the shelf you'll get just a little peek at one of my village houses. ;)

Join me over at Julia's place for the links to the best desks and rooms of stash in the crafting world!

I'm hoping I paid a return visit to all who dropped by my desk last week. Apologies if I missed you. Besides working on my village houses I'll be stopping by to say Hi and share a cuppa.

Have a fabulously creative week!


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Wordless Wednesday 12/3/13

..................... from my garden

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T for Tuesday Thank you's

Good crack of the morning to you!

No, I don't have a sunrise pic for you this Tuesday morning as I link with Elizabeth and Bleubeard for Tuesday T. Instead I have a couple pics of Happy Mail.!

First up from Annie at A Stitch in Time for my guess of what on earth was she making?! You can pop back to this -post- to see what was made. Just look at the adorable little bird with the cutest tiny frame and poem she's sent!

Thank you, Annie - I love them!

Next are some fab cards from Claire at Ham n Mule Designs. She was celebrating 40 and made 40! Two are blank so I can add a sentiment inside and send them to friends. The third one, the 40 for 40 card has the sweetest note inside.

Thank you, Claire! They are fabulous cards and I appreciate your sharing them!

No pic of what I'm drinking as it's the usual diet Pepsi. My first (@ 1:54 am) of many today! Thanks also to Bleubeard and Elizabeth for hosting this fun little Tuesday get together.

Y'all have a wonderful day!

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Playing catch up...

As I was clearing my 'To be posted' pic file I realized I am woefully behind in posting some of my pics! My apologies for keeping you waiting.

Here is the third in my series of MDF masking tape squares.

Presenting...... "Elusive"

And the series now hanging on my art wall.

Supplies: MDF square, masking tape, distress paints, alcohol ink.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Welcome to Wednesday Deskers!

Not sure what a 'desker' is? Would you like to be a 'desker'? Pop on over to the Stamping Ground. Dear Julia has all the info for you and links to the world's greatest blog hop!

Now on to my desk. This week sees me working on my village houses. So there's a bit of a painty inky mess building up on the craft mat. On the shelf you should be able to make out a completed bracelet that needs to be mailed off after the turkey day festivities.

I'm having company today (Wednesday) as my snowbird friend from up nor'east way has come down for the winter. We'll be having a good catching up with plenty of gabbing and maybe a little crafting. So I will be popping by later in the week for my snoop. :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my blog friends!

Celebrate friends!

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Okay, who stole an entire week from me?! Last week I thought we were on 231 now it's 233?! As you can see I'm a bit discombobulated, while I get myself together why not have a snoop around my work desk. After all that's why you're here, right. :)

Alright, here we go....there's three projects fighting for attention on my desk. On the far left are some mini canvases, texture paste and gear stamps waiting to be started. In the middle we have patterns and a house template. The beginnings of a Christmas village (a small village). Then on the right I'm playing with bead weaving. sssshhh it's a gift. ;)

Enjoy your look around.

I will try to visit as many of you as I can...I will be off visiting my sick friend.

Hugs to all!

Celebrate . . .

p.s. linking up with Julia's blog, the Stamping Ground

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Aahh to sleep...

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Whoosh around to Wednesday again. And here we are showing our work desks, thanks to our intrepid hostess Julia. Stop over at the Stamping Ground for all the links and deets.

My desk this week has nothing on it, except for one lonely almost complete tag. I was playing around with stencils, distress paints, texture paste and some rock candy crackle. Since it was just for play it's okay, nothing to write home about though.

This week has been a continuation of electronic woes. I am off first thing in the morning to take the laptop to the tech geeks for a virus eradication. Finally though, I do have a consistent internet connection, thanks to a new router. Look for me to start snooping around your desks later in the afternoon.

Have a great week and ...

Celebrate technology!

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Smiles

TGIF everyone!

It's been far long between my joining in with Annie's Friday Smiles on A stitch in Time blog. A friendly place sure to bring a smile to your face.

I hope my pic of Baby hanging out relaxing gives you a smile.

She's grabbing the headboard with her front paws so when she fell asleep and relaxed her hold she fell off. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Celebrating ... Smiles!

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

WOYWW & Bye to FS

Hello and welcome to WOYWW 231 and saying Farewll to Flat Susan. FS is off to see Brigita of Gita's Creations. Be sure to pay a visit and see what they get up to in the state of Georgia, USA.

My desk pic was taken on Monday as FS was helping me work on my tag for Brigita. I was attempting to use distress paints spraying with water to get them to blend. By spraying the paint on the mat after each swipe of a tag I was able to get backgrounds for three tags! I goofed on the tag you see so the actual tag I've sent is in the second pic.

Also using some of the techniques from TH's CC102 class, I sponged d.p. through several different stencils. Once dried I put the Mariposa stencil back over the dragonflies and partially outlined them using the distress marker of the same color. For my first attempts with these techniques I'm fairly happy with this tag. Hope 'Gita likes it.

New to this WOYWW phenom then check out The Stamping Ground for all the deets and links. Join us on a world wide desk tour of artisans like yourself.

Leave your linky number and I'll come by for a snoop.

Celebrate artistic play!

Distress paints; archival ink; stencils, ribbon, distress ink

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T for Tuesday & FS

Hi y'all,

Joining up with Elizabeth and Bleubeard for T forTuesday. And today I actually have Tea! Iced Tea. After walking up and down all the hills of my little town on Friday, FS and I stopped in Cody's for a nice glass of iced tea whilst we caught our breath.

And as promised here's a few pics of our sunsets from lasts week during our evening stroll along Dora Lake.

Short and sweet from me today.

Enjoy and...


Sunday, November 3, 2013


...where all the lights are bright. Downtown! as the Petula Clark song goes.

My small town, however, doesn't know the song. :) It's lights out and the sidewalks rolled up at 5:00 p.m. folks! (Pic heavy post)

So FS and I went for a walk early Friday morning. It's a nice peaceful place to walk at 9:00 am before the businesses are open and the tourists flock in.
It's also a one stoplight town....that's small. :)

Looking down Donnelly Street on the west side of the street.

We've crossed Donnelly and are headed south.

A few early risers enjoying breakfast on the outdoor deck above.
A restaurant that I think FS and her countrywomen would like

The Windsor Tea Room was established by a British ex-pat. Continuing down Fourth Avenue we come to the newly finished pedestrian mall. It's only one block long. Told ya, we're a small town!

This is the original 1880's train depot now our Chamber of Commerce building. At the end of the pedestrian mall is the yacht club and new docks with a seating area for viewing the sunsets. More about those tomorrow.

Turning around and heading north we come to the building that housed our stamp store. Where I once worked and taught classes. Sadly, it's been closed for four years.

The posts are wrapped with lighted garlands ...getting ready for Christmas.
At the corner we turn right and we're back on Fifth Ave almost where we started. Here we find this interesting store facade from the 1950s.

Let's go up the hill and see what's going on, shall we?

Ah, power company workers stringing more lights. My little town puts up over a million and has a big extravaganza on the last Saturday of November to Light Up Mount Dora.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. :) See you tomorrow for sunsets over the lake.

Celebrate where you live!

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Day in Florida w/FS

Happy 2nd of November! We have had splendid weather whilst Flat Susan has been here. Although, today we're having some much need rain.

Today's post is a photo montage of our walk along the Boardwalk on Lake Dora. My first attempt at putting this together. I hope it runs for you.


Enjoy.   Boardwalk montage

iPad users you can enlarge the usual way. For laptops click Boardwalk Photos or the tab above labeled Boardwalk to Palm Island. Click on the first pic will enlarge them and you can scroll thru at your leisure.

Celebrating friendships!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Welcome to WOYWW 230! Hosted by Julia.

My desk pic as I leave it Tuesday night. You'll see I'm working on the last MDF square using some TH dp (love these!). Made my own sprays with distress reinkers and stains. And the usual other stuff is there.

Flat Susan has arrived safe and sound. See my first post with her HERE.

Ahh just noticed FS didn't make into this pic. She is standing safely off to the side cause I was spraying inks....I spray everything but my project even using a spray box!

Have a wonderful week.

Celebrate today!

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T for Tuesday and a visitor!

Good Tuesday morning everyone!

I am linking up with Elizabeth and Bleubeard for T for Tuesday and my visitor from across the pond via California is none other than.....Flat Susan!! I am so excited to be hosting her for a visit to central Florida.  She actually arrived on Saturday and was such a dear to wait patiently while I finished my cleaning chores this weekend.

So here's Flat Susan with all of her traveling gear and a few pieces of my art and since it's T day, my beverage glass.

 We awoke this morning to a beautiful sunny Florida day. To celebrate FS's arrival and our planned activities, I presented her with her very own Harley Davidson! The next pic shows FS standing next to her motorcycle ready to go!

In the corner you see a bit of a gorgeous tag. Here's a better pic of this fabulous tag that Krisha has sent me. I love it, Krisha! Thank you!

Well, we're off to enjoy this lovely day and see what we can see around my hood. Have a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday to Bleubeard!

Hope you're feeling better soon Elizabeth. Warm hugs from FL.

Celebrate today!

(Edit: FYI for those using BlogPress on the ipad ....there's been an update for iOs7 and now the app crashes when you try to save or post! I had to dig out the laptop and of course blogger is acting up. So two hours later.... well, good luck to you.)