Saturday, March 30, 2013

March AO Referral

Good Saturday afternoon folks,

I'm just beating the deadline with this post and the next one. These are my entries in the March Referral for Artistic Outpost using the only stamp plate I have from them, Quote & Quotables .

Today's make turned out so cool it is going to be my mini book's cover. I made a frame by using the mini cabinet card die inside the vintage cabinet card. I had envisioned a wood grain frame, well, y'all know how visions go, down the tubes, by the wayside, any which way but what you envisioned. :) So let me back up -

All pieces were painted with a mixture of gesso with peacock stain. Purposely using a streaky application. The frame was coated with embossing paste and a wood grain stamp (oh oh) pushed into it. When removed it made a sucking sound and stuck! So instead of wood grain I ended up with popcorn ceiling texture!! Oh well, I dried it just a bit then took my paste knife to it and 'knocked' it down. A real construction term here in the USA. This basically takes off the pointy bits and flattens the texture slightly. Bingo! Saved! Now to dry it. (another oops coming up) I sort of scorched the texture by getting the heat tool too close. Ack! Okay next remedy, let's rub a little sepia big brush ink into the edges, perfect camouflage! To tone down the brown I rubbed in a bit of Inca gold and the whole frame was spritzed with pearl perfect pearls mists.

Meanwhile, the main panel had it's own 'oops'. After painting the vintage cabinet panel, I ran it through an e.f. to give the background some swirly texture. And I was going to, actually did, stamp the quote onto tissue paper. Hmm, somewhere I'd picked up a bit of brown ink that smeared horribly when I attached the tissue to the panel. Ack! 

At this point the whole project almost went into the trashbin!

Deep breath and forward we go...the next morning I reassessed everything. There was a bit of the paint mixture left in the baggie, using that I painted a scrap of white card, dried very carefully and re-stamped the sentiment. Then tore out the sentiment and distressed the edges a bit more before popping onto the cabinet panel. Added a few topaz colored gems and whew....looks great! What 'oops"?!

Attached the frame to the panel, added a few white pearls and finally - Done!

Unfortunately, I've had quite a time taking pictures this month, yes, it's been finished for weeks! Getting a pic has proven difficult. The shimmer of the frame against the matte panel is really cool IRL. :)  Hope y'all like this one cause I sure do, even after all, maybe because of, all the work that went into it.

Celebrate tomorrow! woo hoo my birthday!!!

Edit: It seems blogger has changed the way pics come up. Clicking on the pic will enlarge, then click back arrow in order to click on the next pic. Sorry.

supplies: chipboard, vintage cabinet card dies, acrylic paint, distress stains, distress inks, archival ink, gems, pearls, perfect pearls mists, pitt big brush pen, artistic outpost quote & quotables stamps.



  1. So pretty, Nan... what a journey you took to get to your lovely finished piece! The texture on the frame looks just fabulous, and I love the delicate turquoise and subtle shimmer of the whole thing. Great to have you play along at AO, and have a great day tomorrow!
    Alison x

  2. Wowzers! Super Gorgeous!! So glad you didn't trash it... there is no wrong... just more gesso! LOL We'd never know about the oh-oh's if you hadnt told us, but I'm glad you shared cause IRL like you said, the best plans and visions sometimes don't work, but usually come out even better! Hope you had a Happy Birthday too!