Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Hello my WOYWW friends! Time for another looky loo at work desks round the world. First time visitors please stop by our intrepid Julia's blog for all the deets and links for your viewing pleasure.

(Pic heavy, sorry Julia.)

Okay, so last week I was off in a rush to Daytona Beach to attend Bike Week. FYI, Daytona is about a 45 minute drive northeast of me so it wasn't really a 'trip' more like a jaunt over to the east coast. And the weather while sunny and beautiful was COLD! Barely got into the 60s all day with a constant north wind blowing at 15 mph, which means there was very little skin showing on most of the so called 'hotties'. :) I have added a few pics of day at the bottom of this post. I think what you'll notice most is - a lot of overweight peeps and most everyone has gray hair! Yes, we bikers have aged! We didn't go over the bridge to where the biker build-offs and art bikes were this year. Just way too many peeps and stop n crawl traffic to get there.

Now to my desk which is a dumping ground at the moment. Some new stamps (blog candy from Ali/teddybobcrafts ) all the way from the UK! I'm so excited to get them and I will be saving the cool postage stamp, too! There's a project I've started as part of Andy Skinner's Book of Ruination online class, just waiting for my masking fluid so I can continue with the next step. A cheese cloth flower on the shelf and the usual bits n pieces that seem to collect there.

Have a good snoop around and let me know you stopped by so I can return the snoop. :) I promise to get to more of you this week than last. 

I am Celebrating the day with working hands!!!!

Typical 'snowbird' brought their own car behind their rig. They were from Canada.

Today's biker. Not much leather anymore. :)

Some peeps just can't make up their minds; car/bike/car/...?

Or this guy.

Built in belly rest. :)

Not much skin, still got attention.
snapping pics with the ipod and flipped the viewer around and caught myself. :)

A fun day was had by all.



  1. Love all those photos of your trip what kind of bike do you ride?
    How cool is that car behind the motorbike.....
    I'm doing Andy's workshop as well, just waiting for my masking fluid to get here so hopefully I can begin it tomorrow...
    Are you making a book or something else?
    Have a great week cruising...

    Maria in Oz #9

  2. Great photo's of the bikes, thanks for sharing. Happy woyww jill #15

  3. fab pics and thanks for sharing there are some awesome bikes there!! although im such a coward I would never get on one myself . well done re new stamps and hope you get lots of fun using them and you get some crafty time happy woyww and have a fab week
    Andrea x#20

  4. Love your pictures of the bikes as it just so happens I was only an hour or so away from you last week as I was on holiday in Orlando
    Jackie 17

  5. Great pics - not really a bike fan, but they look kind of cool!! Nice to see you too. have a great day. helen, 8

  6. looks like you all had a fantastic time at the bikers meeting hats off to you for doing that.
    Your desk is looking good today and blog candy you lucky girl.
    Wishing you a Happy WOYWW

  7. Thanks for posting those great pics...there were some amazing creations there! The pics of the ageing bikers made me smile..we have those in the UK too!
    Hugs, LLJ 45 xx

  8. Your desk looks very busy and have fun with your Andy Skinner online course!! Love your photos, and it does look like you had a great time!
    Janene #39

  9. I wish I could have been there, looks like a lot of fun, aren't people inventive with their the sidecar car!
    So what's the wooden piece hiding on your desk, is it part of the A Skinner class? How interesting....
    You took a great pic of yourself..waving 'hi' at ya!!

  10. OMG look at some of those bikes thay are awesom what a fantastic day you would of had. Who cares about the cold with all that chrome there.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 24

  11. Doesn't look to me as if you have
    a) aged, or
    b) got fat
    You look like a young woman on that photo and am so glad you took it as now we see you.
    Seems as if you had a great time and saw plenty despite not going to the other areas.
    Nice crafty desk and congrats on the win.

    Hugs, Neet xx 2

  12. Looks like you had a fab time at Daytona! And congrats on the blog candy, I won Ali Wade's tickets to NEC (big craft show here in UK)- soooo excited :-)

    happy woyww
    Debs #85

  13. Hi Nan, great post - don't know which I enjoyed most, the pic of your desk or all those shots of the Daytona meeting accompanied by your sharp observations :) Sadly, bikers do grow old too - living in a coastal area we see them out for their weekend jaunts and I can't help amusing myself by guessing which of them are bankers, teachers or even retired :) My dad was a biker and DH also had a few in his time but now he prefers to stay dry and warm in his car ... and I can't see him in leathers any time soon either :)) Have a happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #55

  14. Fun photos. Isn't it fun to get the other countries postage stamps@!! Always unique.
    Great bike pictures, the little car? a storage area? or is it driveable?
    I've enjoyed a few biking outings in younger days. We have ABATE close by and 10,000 bikers show up around July 4th. fun times.
    Happy WOYW Enjoy the week. Here HOPING SPRING will arrive SOON.

  15. Great photos of your trip/jaunt. Looks like you had fun
    Famfa 113

  16. Yep looks nothing like the bike rallies of the 70's hee hee
    Oh goodness! Your captions had me giggling..the cats kept looking over at me like I'd lost it!
    So what's in the bottle on your desk? A secret crating potion? :)

  17. NAN! Your desks looks like fun. Love the cheese cloth flower. OMG! The bikes are all amazing!! You are north of me here in Polk. Looks like you had a blast with on your trip. Have a great rest of your week. Sue #126

  18. Oh to be so close to the beach! You are such a lucky girl. Loved all the pictures and looks like you had a great time!

  19. Oooh the bike show looks fun (and the weather looks lovely!) and your desk looks very creative. :)

    Ali #88

  20. Thanks so much for showing the photos, love all the chrome on the bikes catching the sunlight x
    Looks like you had a Fab time :)
    Have a Great week -
    Happy WOYWW Heather#133

  21. Looks like you had fun, despite the traffic and the temperature. I know 60 with a stiff wind isn't ideal for Florida . . . but since we had ~ 30 degrees with a similarly stiff wind plus blinding snow . . . 60 sounds pretty good. :-) Happy WOYWW from Laura #115

  22. Looks like you had a fab trip!

    Enjoy your new stamps!

    StampinBoots x #144

  23. Happy WOYWW
    The pics are fab looks like a great event.
    Your desk looks good too, nice and crafty.
    Rosie x

  24. Great photos and what a beautiful blue sky despite the chill.
    Happy WOYWW
    hugs Lisax #71

  25. Your desk is great, but those photos of your trip are even better. I especially liked seeing the picture of you! Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro xx #81

  26. What great pictures of your trip! Loved your captions :)

  27. Loved seeing all the bike pics... thanks for sharing and taking time to upload them all. You look great in your goggles! I also love looking at your desk... you always have such interesting projects going on!

  28. Love the last Pic! Should be your new profile Pic!!!!LY Little Sister!

  29. Great post - Daytona looked fabulous, what cool machines! Great desk too...Happy WOYWW Gill x #41

  30. how fun! Loved all the photos especially the last one!

  31. WOW Nan this is a side of you I guess I didn't know about! AWESOME! Fabulous photos (so glad you included one of yourself)! My sister would love this ... she's a 'Motorcycle Mama' too as are several of my cousins & friends. Thanks for sharing!!