Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Merry Christmas!

What? You ask? Yep I'm planning or trying to, card layouts for my Christmas in July class. My first desk pic (crafty desk) has some stamps, a CASEd card (casing djkardkreations) and a couple of new gadgets. Not real happy with my card yet, so I will be tweaking it sometime today.  Because... I may be side-tracked today to go play with the toys! :)

My second pic of the class table shows my pathetic selection of Christmas stamps and mostly words. And since I was digging for stamps I might as well start pulling this lot out of boxes and putting those I'm keeping into binders. Already have a small pile off to the right that will be sold.

Have questions of why I'm showing my messiness...head over to Julia's the Stamping Ground for all the deets and links and join in the world's biggest blog hop. I'll be snooping round later....have a cuppa for you and a diet pepsi for me and we'll visit. :)

Have a fabulous day and Celebrate life!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hello deskers! Back to our mid-week world wide desk hop, thanks to Ms Julia of the Stamping Ground

My desk is my classroom table as I've been sorting and straightening up the studio. Getting ready to do a purge. This is the pile I showed a few weeks back on WOYWW that was precariously perched on my die shelf. So I'm putting dies into CD or DVD cases, typing labels for them and for the embossing folders. You'll see labels, my blackberry, my ever present diet Pepsi, laptop and assorted dies and embossing folders. The space to the right would be my ipad, except I'm using that to take this pic. I unfortunately do not have one of those cool canvas ipad chairs I see when snooping round your desks. :)

I do apologize for not getting round to as many I usually do, including those that visited last week. I'll blame it on my non-functioning hands. Really sucks sometimes when they don't work.  Oh well...

Celebrate today!

OMG Julia has the link open already!


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WOYWW #210


Have you heard that the latest issue of 'Featuring:' magazine has an article about the fab Ms Julia and this WOYWW phenom she started four years ago?! Hop over to The Stamping Ground for all the details about that and the blog links for desk hopping. Come on, join the deskers and have a good ol' snoop around the world!

My work in progress clock is yet again drying on my main desk so I am showing you the computer desk. On it are three more WOYWW4 ATCs. Krisha sent a card and the two fab ATCs on its left. The green and orange ATC is from Caro. Have to find out what she did to make the texture on it as it feels like velvet, like the softness one gets from shaving cream. Caro, am I right? 

On the far left of this pic is the third card for my class with its stack of supplies. Eek! That's tomorrow. Better grab a few hours sleep then get back to gathering class supplies and a do quick vacuum of the class room.

Well that's it from me today.

I'll visit all who visit me and a few more as I can through the week. Have a fab week everyone.

Celebrate life!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WOYWW 209!

Here we go, WOYWW is starting it's fifth year! What a fun hop last week. Lots of ATCs being swapped and a fun crop on the weekend! 

Our thanks to a fab hostess, Julia! For all the deets check out her blog The Stamping Ground.

My desk this week has been cleared off so I can work on my faux leather. I make a mess spraying the ink refresher so everything gets pushed out of the way. :) This is my interpretation of TH's technique found in his Compendium of Curiosities pg 40. I'm using a very thick copper metallic card stock, Ranger Ink Refresher and onyx mica powder. The back piece has been worked on while the front piece has not. These pieces will be die cut and used on my burnt wood and copper clock. 


My second pic is of the fab ATCs I've received so far. From left to right for each row we have ATCs from: wipso and hickydorum then sara j and twiglet. Thank you ladies! They are so cool!

That's it from me this week. 

Celebrate life!