Tuesday, July 30, 2013

WOYWW 217!

Aaannd Wednesday rolls around again. Mid week, hump day, on the downhill to the weekend...whatever you may call it, for us Deskers it's time for WOYWW! Check out Julia's place for all the deets.

My desk is a pile of inks as I finish up a couple of fall cards for Thursday's class. Nothing like getting inky to make fall colored leaves. Enjoy your snoop and I'll be checking out your desks later this week.

My pic was taken as I leave my desk Tuesday night. Getting up early on Wednesday to go for my morning walk before the heat sets in. I'm hoping Julia has Mr. Linky open early so I can link up and get some shut eye. :)

Have a great week everyone!


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It's T day!

Welcome to T stands for Tuesday! An enjoyable place to be on a Tuesday. Grab a cuppa, glass or ....have a seat and enjoy visiting with friends! :) Our hosts today are sweet Elizabeth and Bleubeard .

I wanted to take a pic of my purple butterfly bush today but alas the sun is soo bright you couldn't see the butterflies and the huge bumblebees on the flowers. Maybe at dusk I can get a pic for next week.

So today I'll share my drink glass and some fall cards we'll be making in class this week. The postcard in the back ground is from Trisha Too. Isn't is fab! A little bent from being mishandled in the mail but all in one piece still. Thanks Trisha!

Have a fab Tuesday I'll be by for visit in a bit.


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Saturday, July 27, 2013


A continuation of working out of my comfort zone, color-wise. I've used my three pink ATCs and joined them to a cabinet card.

The cabinet card was made from a piece of cardstock I used to mop up the excess ink/water from the wrinkle free distress technique used for the ATCs. I also smeared the remaining gesso on this paper. hmm, I liked the way it looked and positioned it carefully over the TH cabinet card die and ran all through my cuttlebug. A floral cameo on top and a few pearls here n there....what else could I do? 

Ah! I have three ATCs! Let's hook them all together for a wall hanging! So I wound some wire and cut it into small springs, stretched em a bit, then punched holes in all the card pieces. Once attached the wire was looking pretty wimpy...aha! light bulb moment. :) I've run a small shimmery white ribbon through the wire and attached a bunch of tiny white bows. 

Do you see how itty bitty those bows are?! Cramped my hands big time making those and I used the bow-easy tool.

I'm submitting this very pink decorative piece to:

The Artistic Stamper - July Challenge - Ladies Day (see the ghost ladies on the ATCs)
The Artistic Outpost - July Referral Anything goes (use an AO stamp) 

Whew! Six posts from me this week! Guess I'll take a few days off.  I will be online less as I'll be getting ready for my first class in August on the 1st. I'll see you though for WOYWW and maybe few other places in blogland.

Have a great new week.


Edit: sorry for the somewhat blurred pics. Even with the camera turned on it's side this piece is long and was difficult to photograph and get the words to stay in focus. How do you others do it? 


Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Smiles!

Happy Friday!

Hope you won't mind another pic of Baby. She plays so hard with this yellow mouse then just 'throws' herself down to rest. She raised her head just as I snap the pic, it was hanging down into the sink. She's such a photo hog. :) Hope she gives you a smile today.

I would like to ask a favor... Please vote for my postcard over on the Unruly Paper Arts RAQ1, I am #6.

Not sure what Friday Smiles is about? Pop over to A Stitch in Time where we share what's made us smile this week. There's some lovely peeps linking up with pics sure to give you a smile or two. :)

My slogan..."She has cookies in her bag! You go right and distract her, I'll go left and grab 'em and we'll meet by the swings".

Thanks my friends! I'll have another post later today tomorrow with my cabinet card wall hanging.

Have a wonderful day and crafty weekend!


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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tick tick....CLOCK!

Thank you for your patience and encouragement while you waited for the faux burnt wood clock.

After may starts, redo's, do overs, stripped and start agains...I am happy to present to you...my faux burnt wood clock!

It started life as a copper colored tin box.

There's layers of paint faux wood grain medium and more paint. Sure wish I'd gotten my hands on the TH distress paint early on. It sticks to metal surfaces! So cool. I can see getting more of the D.P. for future metal projects. I was able to get one bottle of the soot D.P. and it saved the day for this clock!

The center HD medallion was painted with acrylic copper paints and over stamped with the TH wood grain stamp.

The hands were colored with alcohol ink in such a way to appear blistered...ya know from the fire's heat. ;) Remember the faux leather from a WOYWW post a few weeks back? It was cut and used as the strapping around the sides. Attached with solid rivets and a few bolts.

Do hope you think the wait for my faux burnt wood clock was worthwhile. I learned a lot making this and will definitely be doing more with faux finishes on metal.


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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

woyww 216

Happy Wednesday! Welcome to the weekly global desk hop started by Julia Dunnit 216 weeks ago! Still going strong with tons of peeps participating. Drop in and say hello to Ms. Julia and visit a few desks while you're there. It's very enlightening, intriguing and quite fun! And you meet the nicest peeps in blogland!!

Well, that's some intro so I better show you my desk (as I leave it Tuesday night). Stacked high with inks and piles of ....(that C word...sshhh) cards as I've been putting sentiments inside the cards I've made.

That's about it from me today. I had an exceptionally productive weekend and will be posting my makes all week. And yes, if the weather permits I'll also have a post with the finished burnt wood clock! Are ya all on the floor in shock? Well, stayed tuned...it's done...I'll post it...I promise. :)

Other than that, leave your link number and I'll be by for a snoop and a cuppa. May take me a few days to get round to you, tho'. Have a great day and...

Celebrate life!

Edit: Seems I have to leave early tomorrow for appointments that involve a 25 mile drive in morning traffic and then be gone most of the day. I will start my visits late in the afternoon. With that said I am going to post early. It's Wednesday somewhere, as the song goes. Or was that It's five o'clock somewhere? :)

T for Tuesday

It's Tuesday T with Elizabeth and Bluebeard on the Altered Book Lover blog today.  Now I do drink a few a gallons of iced tea, however, my preferred beverage is diet Pepsi. You'll often see the orange can cozy in my WOYWW desk pics.

And here's my other favorite "T"... saying hello in her goofy way.

I also have a make to show you, actually, 3 of them. This is my submission to Fun with ATCs - Set of Three. We're to make a series of three related or similar ATCs for this fortnight's challenge.

Staying in the pink colors...(shock !)...and using the wrinkle free distress technique, yet again. This has to be my fave TH technique. The fact is, I had so much ink n water on the craft mat I made 4 ATCs, a postcard and a cabinet card!

I've used individual lines from an Artistic Outpost sentiment stamp for each ATC. The image was stamped onto vellum, cut with a postage punch and adhered to the ATC. Let me tell ya vellum and glue n seal..a tricky feat to get the images smoothed out. whew! I do like how you see just bits of the face and in a ghostly fashion. For once, what I pictured in my mind actually turned out! Pop back later this week and I'll show you how I used these.

Celebrate life!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Postcard Art for UPA & RR challenges

Hey everyone! Hope you had a fab weekend. I was mega productive this weekend! Hopefully, I can get everything posted this week for you.

Today I have my first attempt at postcard art. I just saw this on a few blogs including Unruly Paper Arts - RAQ1. I also thought the sketch over on Rogue Redheads Challenge #25 was inspiring and used it to create my postcard.

I applied the wrinkle free distress technique to a 4"x6" piece of thin chipboard that came in a bundle of paper. This had a glossy side and a matte side. I've used the glossy side. Aren't postcards glossy?

I then followed the sketch by stamping a damask in the long section and dots then checkered board in the two smaller sections using archival rosé madder and pale ochre. Wow! Really bright so I scraped some gesso over it using an old plastic card. Also used the card edge to draw my divider lines. Added a bit of crackle stamping (my new fave TH stamp) and the top half of a TH sentiment. For my interpretation of the sketch I've used this oval TH floral flourish stamp. Hope it's accepted.

A couple coats of a spray sealer before the tissue paper stamped image was added. My hands were kind of shaky as I was attaching the stamped tissue paper so the image looks like its been shadow stamped. Several more coats of the sealer and finis!

I hope you like it.

Celebrate life!

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Smiles!

...and that it does, as tomorrow starts the weekend!

I've been away from the Friday Smiles posting, my bad. The days just seem to be screaming past me. So day I have a pic of my subterranean Baby. She just loves to burrow under things and wrap herself up in the rag rugs I have around the house. This one is in the hall bath to protect the porcelain tub from their claws.

She slept in there for almost an hour!

Enjoy. :)

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Good morning fellow Deskers and new visitors!

Not much going on on my desk this morning. A new bottle of copper alcohol ink finally arrived. Next to it is a bag of hardware for the faux burnt wood clock (almost finished). A new white ink pad from INX and piece of embossed cardstock I used to test the ink. WOW! I think I have found a white ink that will actually show up on dark card stock! Off to the left are a couple of new embossing folders waiting to be tried and a sneak peek of a corner of the infamous clock. Then front and center is another beautiful WOYWW4 ATC and card received from Ramona at Create With Joy!

I'm off to visit as many desks as I can today. I've been a bit lax in my visiting lately, hope to do better this week. :) If you find yourself in a need of an explanation of what I'm talking about...give our intrepid hostess, Julia a visit. All the deets and desk links can be found on her blog, The Stamping Ground.

Celebrate life!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Welcome my fellow WOYWW-ers, crafters, artists and friends!

My desk today is stacked with supplies for my Christmas in July class on Thursday. So you'll see stamps, inks and various embellies. On the shelf above you'll see the cards for this first round of Christmas merriment while its 95F outside.

A short post from me today, hopefully, when you click on the pic it will not get blurry this time. I'll be dropping by as I can over the next few days.

Stop by Julia's desk for all the deets and links and start desk hopping.

Stay cool ... and ...

Celebrate life!

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

WOYWW, NBUS & ho ho...HO!

Welcome to WOYWW 213! I have two pics for you today. 
First up is a pic showing I do make a mess when working by hauling out a bunch of stuff that I think I might need /use. Front and center is an almost finished CASed card.

Next is my desk as I leave it Tuesday night showing all of my Christmas cards for my upcoming Christmas in July extravaganza class! 

The two cards up front are the cards I've CASed from Darnell here and a second one whose post I cant find now.
For the card on the left, I've switched the holly wreath stamp and used shiny red card stock. To add some texture to the red, I embossed the curve to follow the curve of the white paper above it. With all the cards I've made, this is the first time I've heat embossed on vellum! ...and I didn't scorch it! 
For the deep burgundy card, I've used the bottom portion of a holly bouquet stamp and silver stars, as my primitive stars were way too small. My layout is very close to the inspiration card, wish I could find that post. :/
The reindeer cards are my NBUS (never before used schtuff). Yes I'm borrowing this from Darnell also...I'll call it "knee-bus". :) Anyway, the stamps are very old wood mounted from Memory Box. I've covered them a bit so as not to ruin the surprise for my class in case any of them read my blog. :)
I've also switched out an ATC on my shelf...see it? I bring it out to remind myself how lucky I am to live in a free society/country. My way of celebrating the 4th of July you could say.
And last but not least is a tip of the crafty hat to Julia our hostess with the mostest! Stop by for a cuppa and a good long snoop as all the links are over there.
That's it from me tonight today. I'll be snooping 'round after my dentist appointment later today.

Celebrate life!

(edit: boy google+ sure blurries the pics when you click on them for a better view. this happens when I post from the iPad. so sorry folks! I'll switch them as soon as I unbury the laptop. further update: pics have been swapped out so now they will enlarge when you click on them and hopefully stay in focus.

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