Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday Smiles!

Happy Friday!

Hope you won't mind another pic of Baby. She plays so hard with this yellow mouse then just 'throws' herself down to rest. She raised her head just as I snap the pic, it was hanging down into the sink. She's such a photo hog. :) Hope she gives you a smile today.

I would like to ask a favor... Please vote for my postcard over on the Unruly Paper Arts RAQ1, I am #6.

Not sure what Friday Smiles is about? Pop over to A Stitch in Time where we share what's made us smile this week. There's some lovely peeps linking up with pics sure to give you a smile or two. :)

My slogan..."She has cookies in her bag! You go right and distract her, I'll go left and grab 'em and we'll meet by the swings".

Thanks my friends! I'll have another post later today tomorrow with my cabinet card wall hanging.

Have a wonderful day and crafty weekend!


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  1. What a fab pic. Your cat looks like I feel in this heat :-)
    Annie x

  2. oh Nan it is gorgeous puss, off to vote if can figure it out, smiling though it is Sat late evening here :D love Shaz in Oz.x

  3. She is beautiful ...and she knows it ...Love your caption ...I asume its for the twins photo over at Annies.
    I LOVE your faux wood project btw.
    xx...and I voted too xx

  4. Just came back from voting! Love the cute kitty!

  5. Love the photo of Baby ... she is gorgeous and clearly happy in front of camera. Popped over and voted - hope it helps. Elizabeth xx

  6. I believe I just voted! Great photo...
    Alison x

  7. Voted for you. Cats do know how to entertain themselves and us.

  8. Cats know how to lounge for sure. LOL I voted for you! Good luck!