Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's T day!

Welcome to T stands for Tuesday! An enjoyable place to be on a Tuesday. Grab a cuppa, glass or ....have a seat and enjoy visiting with friends! :) Our hosts today are sweet Elizabeth and Bleubeard .

I wanted to take a pic of my purple butterfly bush today but alas the sun is soo bright you couldn't see the butterflies and the huge bumblebees on the flowers. Maybe at dusk I can get a pic for next week.

So today I'll share my drink glass and some fall cards we'll be making in class this week. The postcard in the back ground is from Trisha Too. Isn't is fab! A little bent from being mishandled in the mail but all in one piece still. Thanks Trisha!

Have a fab Tuesday I'll be by for visit in a bit.


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  1. Loving the Cards. And I could do with a cold drink :)

  2. Happy Tuesday to you too, Nan - lovely cards, and Trisha's postcard is so much fun!

    Look forward to a butterfly bush picture some time.
    Alison x

  3. I took several photos of my butterfly bush with butterflies all around at dusk the other day and they turned out really well. That is a good time. The butterflies seem more mellow by then too and are easy to photograph.
    Happy T day!!

  4. Hi Nan, beautiful cards. I also got a PC from Trisha, love it.
    Happy T day!! (but I drink coffee...LOL)

  5. I am not much of a card maker, but these look intriguing. I wish I could attend your class. But I fear that won't happen, so I wish you luck with the class.

    BTW, last week you asked if Bleubeard was a Russian Blue. Before I could answer, my computer was down for several days due to lightening, hail, wind, and rain. You name it, we had it.

    No, my previous cat, which I called "Dog," WAS a Russian Blue. His fur was definitely two thick layers, which is indicative of the breed. He was really quite beautiful, with his pure blue/gray fur. Not like Bleubeard, who must have a bit of tabby in him.

    Another thing about Dog was, he wasn't the friendly sort around other people. In fact, he used to hide when anyone came around. But he was loyal to me till the day he died at just two weeks shy of 19. Not so with Bleubeard. He is very social and loves to be in the thick of the conversation. And if you could see the scratches on my hands, legs, and arms, you would know he refuses to be brushed and is not very friendly toward me at times. Thanks for asking.

  6. I had some tiger swallowtail butterflies stop by for a visit to my purple butterfly bush this week, too, but didn't get the post prepared for this T Tuesday either.

  7. Happy Tuesday, enjoy the class
    Rosie x

  8. More mail art and such pretty cards for your class! Love the palm trees on your glass, reminds me of Saudi!! Annette

  9. Nature is so entertaining and so photogenic too...
    I tried a full sun photo of tall phlox with butterflies and a bee and the colors are not right...
    Natural light is always the best but even that in moderation I guess

    Fun palm tree drink you have there!

  10. hmmmm....that's the second post card today....I must seek out this woman named Trisha.
    Happy Tuesday !

  11. Hi Nan - thanks for popping by yesterday - my blogger issues rectified themselves - as all techy things usually do with no idea why what or how LOL - have a great week - see you next T for Tuesday... Mxx

  12. Hope your Tuesday was wonderful!

  13. Lovely cards, Nan. You are lucky to have butterflies around, we seem to have very few this year, just the odd one or two cabbage white ones, Even the Buddleias are missing their butterfly life at the moment. Enjoy your drink. xx Maggie

  14. Love the look of those cards (sucker for leaves, me!) Hugs, Jenny x

  15. Yay! I'm glad it arrived--that's the thing about postcards, the post office, ahem, "adds" their own distressing to the mix!