Tuesday, November 5, 2013

T for Tuesday & FS

Hi y'all,

Joining up with Elizabeth and Bleubeard for T forTuesday. And today I actually have Tea! Iced Tea. After walking up and down all the hills of my little town on Friday, FS and I stopped in Cody's for a nice glass of iced tea whilst we caught our breath.

And as promised here's a few pics of our sunsets from lasts week during our evening stroll along Dora Lake.

Short and sweet from me today.

Enjoy and...



  1. Happy T-Day Nan and FS. What beautiful sunset pictures.

  2. So glad you got your electronics to play with blogger. I have trouble with blogger at times using the same computer I've used for years.

    FS looked happy to stop in that gorgeous restaurant. She looks like she's resting, too.

    Those lake photos are stunning. There's something about the beauty of Florida sunsets that are SO different from the ones on the west coast.

    Thanks for joining T today and bringing FS along for the fun of it all.

  3. You have a wonderful spot for a stroll. What a beautiful view of the sunset.


  4. Is that moss hanging from the trees? I LOVE it!
    Happy T to you,

  5. FS is sure being spoiled in her visit with you Nan, great pics of the sunset!

  6. Happy T Day! Cody's looks like a nice, cheerful place--I think because of the yellow wall. :)

  7. Lovely pictures! Love that yellow wall...very sunny!! Happy T Day!


  8. Gorgeous sunsets! happy T day!

  9. What a beautiful place and an amazing sunset, FS must be over joyed to have all this to see. I am also asking is that Moss hanging from the trees? I really like the look of it.

    Hugs Eliza

  10. Pretty sunsets! Good for you getting out there and walking. I bet just chattered your ear off. ;)
    Happy Tuesday....a day late!

  11. Beautiful, dreamy sunsets! We have some pretty nice sunsets this time of year, but in a month or so, I'll be wishing I was seeing yours in person!

  12. Lucky, lucky Flat Susan!
    Alison xx