Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Welcome to Wednesday Deskers!

Not sure what a 'desker' is? Would you like to be a 'desker'? Pop on over to the Stamping Ground. Dear Julia has all the info for you and links to the world's greatest blog hop!

Now on to my desk. This week sees me working on my village houses. So there's a bit of a painty inky mess building up on the craft mat. On the shelf you should be able to make out a completed bracelet that needs to be mailed off after the turkey day festivities.

I'm having company today (Wednesday) as my snowbird friend from up nor'east way has come down for the winter. We'll be having a good catching up with plenty of gabbing and maybe a little crafting. So I will be popping by later in the week for my snoop. :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all my blog friends!

Celebrate friends!

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  1. Thank you for the peek! Looks interesting. Enjoy your visit, and Happy Thanksgiving!
    Sharon #3

  2. Oh, Nan, I can't wait to see your village houses! I'll bet they will be wonderful!! Happy WOYWW and have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Hugs, Darnell #17

  3. Your houses are much bigger than mine. I have made three and bought paper for a few more today. Can't wait to see yours, When I am done with them as the table centre piece, I am putting mine on my son's train table, they are just the right size. What are you going to do with yours, will you be able to fold them flat for storage? Cos mine cant. #31

  4. Your desk is always a treat, and today is no different. Happy WOYWW and thanksgiving, hope you have a lovely time with your friend. Helen 34

  5. I am so looking forward to seeing your village when it is completed, Nan - it just is so mysterious with all these little cutouts on your desk. Have a great time with your friend - and happy thanksgiving.
    Margaret #26

  6. Nice busy desk there, Nan! Those little houses look like they're going to be great! Have a lovely time with your friend. Er, what is a Snowbird? I have a vague memory of a pretty song from the sixties or seventies called Snowbird, but we don't have them in the UK. Julie Ann xx #55

  7. You know the way sometimes you don't quite read the sentence right? Well, I thought that you were about to start working on the village PEOPLE!!!!! What is my brain doing? I know I'm full up with cold at the moment but really, there's no excuse is there?
    Have fun with your pal :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 25 xx

  8. Looks like you have much going on ... I always love to come visit. Enjoy your visit and try and stay warm!

  9. Where's the village...I only see a construction zone...and no one's working...enjoy your visit with the lucky snow bird. Many blessing for a Happy Thanksgiving Be well Carole # 67...I think I was 67 last week too!

  10. Have a wonderful visit, Nan! I just got to have lunch with a friend who lives in Georgia, but before that, she lived in Alaska--can you imagine moving from one climate to another like that?

    Thank you for stopping by this woyww, and I will be looking for you in the blog hop--the grand prize is HUGE, and the stamps really are wonderful.
    Happy woyww to you!
    #13 this week
    with another advent calendar!

  11. Oh yes it's Wednesday!
    I wonder if I'll ever have a desk to show on WWOYW ever again :(
    It sounds like you will be having a fun creative time with your snow bird visitor.
    Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving to you ;D

  12. Can't wait to see the finished houses. Have fun with your friends. Peg R #83

  13. Oh dear... and another Wednesday passes me by and I still haven't made it back.

    I love little houses, so the suspense is building now for this village - can't wait to see the finished thing! Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow!
    Alison xx

  14. Love your desk and can't wait to see the village once it is assembled. Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#60)

  15. Hi Nan! I can't wait to see your finished village. Thanks for the peek into your studio this week. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    Hugs, Robin #87

  16. How lovely for you to have a friend come down from the winter weather to share your sunshine. I do hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving. Will be thinking of you.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  17. Your desk looks like I've been working at it, paint and ink, love it. Can't wait to see the houses done. Thanks for visiting, have a great week and happy crafting...DeDe #42

  18. I'm a desker! your desk looks like fun to me!!Hope you have a great week! Ginny #19

  19. It really looks like you're having fun on your desk this week...keep up the good work.
    A x #43

  20. Hello... Sorry bit late this week
    Great to see your still working on the village , look forward to seeing the finished results
    Jackie 38

  21. Eeckkk... it's Friday already - I guess I am a bit late touring the woyww-desks... thanks for your enthusiastic comment on my blog, yes, I'm major proud to be in Seth's book! I am also quite happy to see painty, inky mess going on on your desk... very inspiring! Hope you had a nice thanksgiving and I wish you a great (long?) weekend! Love from Holland Marit woyww #70

  22. It took me awhile to find that bracelet, but I think I finally did. I know your friend will love it, especially since YOU made it.

    Did you have a pattern for the houses, or did you cut those free form? I love the look, and would LOVE to make something similar, only in my Houses AB. You have really piqued my interest in this project.

  23. I forgot to tell you how much I've missed you. I got caught up in AEDM and it took on a life of its own. It's sort of like WOYWW every day for a month! Thanks for being so supportive, even when I wasn't around to tell you so.

  24. Your bracelet turned out really pretty. I am anxiously waiting for the village to appear on your blog! I want to make one too! Hope you Thanksgiving was wonderful. Enjoy your company and your crafting!
    Bear Hugs,
    Carol :O}

  25. Hi Nan. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. Your WOYWW looks like my work table right now! :) Lots of stuff going on. I wanted to thank you for the very sweet comment you left on my blog. Have a wonderful week. <3 Candy