Tuesday, December 3, 2013

235th WOYWW

Here we are at the first WOYWW of December!

My desk tonight as I leave it...

While pieces are drying over on the other desk, I'm putting a bit of distress glitter on what I hope will look like a rusted Christmas tree to be cut from this piece of crinoline. There's several jars of texture and embossing pastes, well used and loved distress paints and the usual ink pads and tools. On the shelf you'll get just a little peek at one of my village houses. ;)

Join me over at Julia's place for the links to the best desks and rooms of stash in the crafting world!

I'm hoping I paid a return visit to all who dropped by my desk last week. Apologies if I missed you. Besides working on my village houses I'll be stopping by to say Hi and share a cuppa.

Have a fabulously creative week!


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  1. A great crafty desk this week, I so love rusting things and haven't done it in ages. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy WOYWW & Happy Crafting
    Eliza & Yoda 2

  2. oooo... can't wait to see your village houses! And the tree you're working on. I was just signing out of everything when the email notice arrived of your post... all your things are so fun that I just couldnt wait until tomorrow so I signed back into blogger! LOL

  3. I am looking forward to seeing your village houses too Nan! Happy WOYWW to you!

  4. The rusted effect really looks beautiful, one of my favourite techniques... enjoy your week and happy crafting DeDe 8

  5. Rusted Christmas trees, that should be very interesting
    Bridget #19

  6. That rusting business looks interesting.
    Have a good week,

    RosA # 14

  7. Oooh !!! I've never done rusting and I'm so looking forward to seeing your houses too :-D Thanks for the snoop.

    HAPPY WOYWW #235

    IKE in Greece #24

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    My Shop: www.ikesart.com
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  8. I love making things look old and rusty..it must be the grunge in me :-). I hope we will get to see the finished piece as it looks very interesting!! Happy WOYWW Nan.
    Janene #26

  9. I'm really intrigued by these houses. I wish I could see more "progress" photos. What I see is starting to look pretty awesome. I feel they must be in the final stages.

    I LOVE rust. I can't wait to see how the crinoline turns out. Happy WOYWW from #6.

  10. I was hoping to see your village finished...mine is on my mantle piece and the blog headder for Christmas on my blog. I only made 4 little houses and will make more once I go on leave in a week and a half. I want them down the middle of my table...got my work cut out for me and I am not even decorating them as hands on as you...I am using patterned paper...what a cheat! #35

  11. Hi Nan,
    Looking forward to seeing your village houses. Love the inky mess.......right up my alley.
    Have a great week
    Krisha #41

  12. I hope we get to see the village soon...Busy looking desk, today. Have a lovely day. Helen 37

  13. Am so looking forward to seeing your village. Will it be ready for the big day?
    No room for me until I get home tomorrow night. I forgot to take it before I left. Am in Germany at the moment! all worn out but feeling Christmassy at last. Still got you in my thoughts though.

    Neet xx

  14. It's wonderful to see someone having a creative week Nan,
    I can't wait to see your village...it sounds wonderful.
    Enjoy! :D

  15. The village houses sound lovely. We hope to see them when they're finished.

    The bears@66

  16. Can't wait to see the finished village. You are such a crafty girl. Happy WOYWW
    Glenda #67

  17. Oh Nan, I'm looking forward to seeing your finished Christmas village, the trees sound intriguing--are they for the village?

    #28 this week with Christmas like crazy
    and a free Christmas digi magazine

  18. A lovely grungy Christmas card in the making there, looks like a lot of fun. I have a little zippered pouch from LLJ too that I keep small knitting tools in, they are so beautifully made and so practical too.

    Brenda 5

  19. Nan, I am waiting patiently to see that village. Rusted trees sounds awesome. Have a great crafty day!
    Bear Hugs,

  20. Wow, Nan, all that distressing and glittering and layers, sounds like a lot of work! But, I'm sure the end result will be beautiful. Hugs xo Super Stamp Girl 376

  21. You are so creative! Love the tree idea and I want to see those houses! Thanks for sharing.
    Karen no.58 x

  22. What an intriguing desk! Can't wait to see the final product. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#75)

  23. You are like one of Santa's elves, Nan! Have I been saying that every week? Sorry, if I have, but that's what I think of! Keep up the wonderful creativity!! Hugs, Darnell

  24. Nan, looks like you've got lots of fun supplies and techniques to play with!

    Thanks again for the house templates. I bought some vellum this week and hope to do them soon.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier and for the nice comments.

    Happy creating and Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #3

  25. You have me intrigued now to see your rusted tree, and I just love all those fabulously fun and inky mediums you have on your desk. I hope you have a great week.
    Danie #25

  26. Wonderful post..I loved hearing about your rusting process..fabulous.I love the rusted look..look forward to seeing your village..sounds fantastic and magical! Great desk shot...happy creating!
    Victoria #92

  27. I've never tried distressed glitter, although I shout at my Stickles sometimes and it gets upset! Great snoop! Have a great crafty week!
    Happy WOYWW #59

  28. Hi Nan, Happy WOYWW! I have caught up belatedly with visitors from the past 3 weeks, and now I am on the 3's!
    Your rusty tree sounds interesting and the houses though I can't see the house in the photo!

    Cazzy x #73

  29. A very inaction photo!
    Rusted Christmas tree ... Need to see more
    Looking forward to seeing the village

  30. I love the sound of your little houses, Nan, but I want to see more! Can you show us a close up next week? I'd really love to see the detail as I've got a thing for small houses! I know, I'm nosy and never satisfied...but what can you do, eh?? Lol!!
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xx

  31. I love the idea of rusting things and do hope we get to see more of what you do with it all.
    Annie x #56

  32. It will be good to see the finished product, sounds fascinating.
    Thanks for visiting my pickles and Liverpool,
    Jo x

  33. Hi Nan,

    Such a nice, clean, crafty space! You put me to shame!!!

    It will be fun to see your finished house.

    Thank you for visiting me already!
    Happy WOYWW
    peace, Kay (12)

  34. Late!!
    Can just see a house..love the idea of a village..is the Christmas tree for the village? Great idea.

  35. Christmas in full swing huh!
    Hope you show the finished village
    Janet @33

  36. Love your desk top today!! I have a bunch of the distress glitters and I haven't used them yet! I need to watch a few youtube videos!!Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! Ginny #18

  37. Interesting rusty idea - show us the finished thing I hope. x Jo

  38. Goodness, Nan, a rusty Christmas tree?? Whatever will you get up to next? Thanks for the e-mail - the pergamano is a Christmas tree, 6 layers of frills put onto a cone. It looks great now it is finished. Must photograph it before I wrap it on Sunday! Yes, sheep - 6 to be given to 6 children as part of a nativity story activity at our church play group. Others are knitting the other characters. Each child will take home something to remember the story of Jesus' birth.
    Have a great week - sounds busy.
    Margaret #60

  39. Great rusting going on there. Yes the Thorntons = special chocolates. Sorry it has taken me so long to reply, been knocked sideways yet again and have been struggling this week. BJ#81