Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Hello my Desker friends.

I've been MIA while recovering from a fall. Badly sprained wrists have kept me from crafting and visiting my woyww friends.

My desk pics today show two neglected spaces with projects in mid-progress. Desk one ... trying to remember how I cut and folded a 12x12 piece of paper to make a mini pocket album. And a new project-in-waiting sitting on the shelf.

And desk "Boxed Set of (sshhh)" waiting patiently for me to come back and assemble all of the pieces.

I'll try my best to visit those who visit me. May take me a few days as sitting or typing for long periods isn't doable just yet. I am doing better just not all the way healed yet.

Now off with you to Julia's to visit more Deskers.

Crafty hugs,
Nan and the Girls

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

ATC Album!

I finally have a finished project I can with share you!! Yippee!!

This is my ATC album for all of the WOYWW 5 anniversary swapped ATCs! It turned out so cool, if I do say so myself. Doing a little happy dance....

First off the finished album

If you've come from my WOYWW post today you saw the letters drying on my desk. That's what the lumps of black distress glitter were. :)

Onward.....I saved and tried to use everything that was sent with the ATCs. Notes, pics, poems, paper and assorted other goodies. Thank you all!

So I tore up some envelopes and some of the papers and collaged them on a used file folder, following Bleubeard and Elizabeth's recycling efforts.

Next up....the folder was cut in half and various sprays and powders added as well as some doodling to try and tie the collage together, asterisks and dashes similar to the paper in the lower left. (this is my first attempt at a collage.)

Kind of got carried away with the sprays so I turned the pieces over and glued down some scrunched up TH tissue paper (has the weight of wax paper) and then went to town with more sprays and paint splatters.

Made some faux leather pieces for an edging to re-enforce the edge that would be punched for the binding rings.

Here's the covers with the edging...

And here's the finished cover. Very happy with how the title pops.

Then a few of the inside. I used plastic cd storage sleeves(cut to album size) for the ATCs. Each pocket held two ATCs perfectly. With some selective trimming I was able to fit the cards and notes that came with some of the ATCs. I love that I can see the backs of the ATCs, no need to be pulling them out of a pocket!

Even cut the tp tube envelope (on left) in half and stapled it down as it was so gorgeous!

And done. I hope you've enjoyed browsing thru the steps of how my WOYWW 5 ATC album came to life.

Thanks for stopping by.

Crafty hugs,
Nan and the Girls


My oh my time sure has flown by.....whoosh. I've missed linking up for a couple weeks but I have been busy. Oh yes indeedy.....busy busy. And today my desk is it's usual mess with several things going at once. Front and center some TH black soot distress glitter, just behind to the left is the completed ATC album (more pics to come). In the back middle are my mixing pots of acrylic paint and glaze concoctions, love this NBUS stuff. And over on the far left peeking in is a new project that will be a birthday gift (late as usual) with assorted detritus scattered about.

Thanks for dropping by I'll do my best to visit as many as I can today. Be sure to pop by Julia's for all the links and deets of why I'm showing you my messy desk.

***edit- here's the link to the finished ATC album!

Crafty hugs,
Nan and the Girls

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

T for Tuesday anniversary!

Today is T for Tuesday's first anniversary!
Happy Anniversary Bleubeard and Elizabeth!

I always visit the T party but sadly haven't posted much. But today I'm linking up for T for Tuesday sharing my favorite pic from one of my first T Tuesday posts.

This is my 'T', she's a goofy blue Russian kitty as evident by this pic. And her name really is 'T' as she was named after 'iced tea' which I drink by the gallons during summer.

Stop by and say Hi to Bleubeard and Elizabeth today and wish them happy Anniversary!

Nan and the Girls

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Oh my goodness, a friend wished me a good hump day and ....aacckk...I need to get a WOYWW post up....must take a desk pic...must not forget the atcs that arrived....must.....take a breath.

So here's my studio, a total disaster area...both desks!

Craft desk - dumping ground for remnants of Utee play. Some wire working tools, my ATC book covers getting buried. A mess!

Desk 2- All of the ATCs I've received laid out so I don't lose or leave anyone out of the ATC album. Another mess!

And these are the last two ATCs from the WOYWW 5 swap. On the left from Kay (sorry I missed posting it last week) and on the right from Kelly. Fab ATCs ladies!

So that's it from me today. Basically doing a general pick up so I can get back to the ATC album. I'm linking up with the birthday girl, Julia for our weekly desk hop.

Have a crafty day!
Nan and the Girls

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Hull-lo Deskers! We've come back around to another Wednesday gathering at Julia's. (Details can be found on her blog.)

Now the reason you're desk picture. Well, this is what awaits me this morning. Yesterday I glued down Tim's tissue paper with lots of nice wrinkles. When that was dry I used perfect pearls mists and started spraying. I like these mists so much better than the Dylusions sprays. Today I'll do a little sanding and some distress inking. These will be the covers for my WOYWW 5 ATC album.

Now I'm off to visit as many desks as possible this morning. Last week I was visiting but was unable to leave comments. :/ Hopefully this week blogger is more cooperative.

Have a wonderful day!
Nan and the Girls

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Smiles #75

Welcome! Do come in to the lounge so we can have a chat. Um, erm, oh my....I'd offer you a seat but seems they are both occupied at the moment. I am so sorry, do come again tho. 😄

Linking up today with Annie at A Stitch in Time for Friday Smiles. No place for the lady of the house or her guests to sit. Hope the Girls lounging gave you a smile.

Nan and two very sleepy Girls

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Afternoon Deskers!

Linking up with Julia at the Stamping Ground for our usual Wednesday post of our work desks. Stop by her blog for the links to go desk hopping round the world.

My desk today is the dining table where I'm cutting plastic sheeting. I'm making an album for all the ATCs received from the WOYWW 5 swap. Also in this pic an ATC, card and feathers from Kay!

And to catch you up here's pics of the ATCs I've received in the last two weeks.

Above from Carole then...

(going across top to bottom)
from Chris P - tp tube envelope with two fab ATCs,
Darnell's adorable purse with glassine envie and twine next her from Neet with an amazing paper envie and ATC. ( oops that's the ATC back still fab).
Lacy loveliness from Donna and fab envelope with two ATCs and a pile of RAK from Nikki.

Here's the front of Neet's ATC. Love it and swoon over the envelope. :)

And above is a quick pic of the cool RAK from Nikki's drawing.!

Thank you all for swapping. Love love everything I've received...ATCs and RAK !!

Well this has been way too long but I wanted to acknowledge everyone and say Thank You! Now off with you to enjoy snooping out more desks.

Nan and the Girls

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Welcome home Ms Julia! She is our lead Desker for this desk blog hop found on the Stamping Ground blog, who was on holiday with a brief stop over in the hospital. :0! We're glad you're back and doing better!

Now my desk ...well the pic was taken early Monday morning and hasn't changed much since. I'm working on embellies for an altered box.

Leave your WOYWW number and I'll do my best to visit you this week.

Hugs from Nan and the Girls

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Hello Deskers!

Are you as amazed as I am at all the beautiful ATCs making their way round the globe?! It's been a fab fifth anniversary party for sure and our dear Julia has gone off on holiday for a little relaxing. Well deserved too, Julia!

Not much going on in my studio so my pics today are of the fantastic ATCs I've received the last couple of days. Wow! Deskers you've out done yourselves this year! Since we don't all use our IRL names on our blogs I'll just list the name that's on the ATC, as some did not put their blog name on the ATC. So here's my haul so far:

Chris D, LLJ, Jill B and Caro

Next we have Claire G, Margaret and Sharon.

And last but not least a surprise envelope for the Girls! They love it and so do I....many thanks to Bleubeard and Elizabeth!

The Girls inspecting and playing with 'their' envelope. :)

Looks like mr. Linky went on holiday with Julia of the Stamping Ground too.

Thank you Deskers for another great virtual party. For my new visitors click on the links to go to our holidaying hostess's, Julia's blog for the deets and usually the links. Today we'll be using the comment links to visit our fellow Deskers.

Have a great week y'all!

Nan and the Girls

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Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Happy 5th Blogaversary WOYWW !

Thank you! Ms Dunnit, you done dunnit!

It been an amazing five years since this crazy What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday blog hop was started by Julia at the Stamping Ground. Pop over to her blog for the deets and the links to the best looking, busiest desks around the world.

On my desk this morning are ATCs from the WOYWW swap. I've received four fabulous ones so far. Starting at the top left going across, we have:

Journey from Voodoo Vixen - don't cha love the pocket she made!
Hand stitched ATCs from
Wipso - tiny quilt and cross stitching
Twiglet - pieced WOYWW cake with stitching
'Love your style' from Krisha. Gorgeous card and the ATC is so shimmery!

On the bottom left a new project has been started. In the middle is one of my ATCs that were put in the mail yesterday. Behind it is a TH pocket made from catalog advertising paper bags. The flap tucks in behind the keyhole tab. And the far right is the back of the ATC to be sent to the first * person after me in the link up.

Short and sweet today there's lots of desks to visit today. Have a wonderful day everyone! Thanks again Julia for being the bestest hostess in the world!

Happy Blogaversary Deskers!

Nan and the Girls

(edit: I had such a difficult time printing info labels and envelopes I forgot to put a date on my ATC. Feel free to add the date to yours. )

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday Smiles

Sharing a little of our Florida sunshine and heat with you. If Baby hasn't soaked it all up that is! (Current temp 95F)

I'm linking up with Annie for Friday Smiles 70. Stories and piccies guaranteed to bring a smile to you.

Nan and the Girls

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Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Here we go Deskers, down to our last week before the big 5th birthday of WOYWW ! New to WOYWW drop by the Stamping Ground for all the info and links. Then join in our little world wide desk hop.

I've got a couple things going on my desk tonight. My WOYWW ATCs are ready to go...almost. I've turned them over so I don't spoil the surprise. A sharp eye might be able to pick a bit of their color from the pile. And on the left another project pile.

A couple answers to some questions from last week:
The trees on the shelf are still there from Christmas.
Beading- I'm doing beaded macrame and learning bead weaving.

It's laundry day today (Wed) so I'll be visiting between loads.

Have a great week y'all.

Nan and the Girls

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Good evening/morning Deskers!

Only two more weeks to the fifth anniversary of WOYWW! Not sure of what I speak, pay a visit to our intrepid hostess with the mostest, Julia at the Stamping Ground for all the deets. Then join in snooping um, visiting desks with the rest of us and be amazed at the ingenuity and creativity of peeps around the world.

Today I have two desk pics for you. First up is my inky painty desk...not much happening here.

Second pic is the former computer desk now beading station. Taking a break from all the pink sprays and playing with some beads.

I'll be making the rounds of WOYWW desks during the day (Wednesday).

FYI for all my email followers. I've had to discontinue my blog's Feedblitz email notifications. My apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you. Please follow me using Bloglovin or maybe one of the other readers available for free.

Have a great week y'all!

Hugs from me and the Girls.

p.s. for Bleubeard

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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

One Two ... 257! WOYWW!

We are getting close to another milestone for this phenom called WOYWW! Stop in and meet our lovely hostess, Julia for the story and the links to the fabulous Deskers that participate each week.

Back this week with another couple of master boards. I'm having a ball playing with paints and sprays. With a little stamping and a bit of embossing paste added in for fun. These too will be cut up into ATCs for the fast approaching 5th WOYWW Anniversary swap.

Did you notice my desk this week is the kitchen counter? I make such a mess with sprays! So much easier to wipe off the counter than try to fix projects drying on my desk that get sprayed, no matter how hard I try to aim properly. So I dug out a larger box lid to use as my spray box. See that little pink stripe by the edge of the counter....yep, need a bigger box. :)

Let me know in your comments if you would like to swap ATCs. I can swap 10 this year.

See you as soon has Julia has the link open.

Hugs from me and the Girls

p.s. If there's a hair on your's just the girls way of participating. :)

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

T for Cinco Tuesday

Not much Cinco'ing going on here at froggy designs today. I'm outside on the patio enjoying the beautiful morning. My pic is of the sunshine in my side yard, kinda boring but the temps are oh so nice! And of course, my ever present can of diet Pepsi.

I'm linking up with Elizabeth and Bleubeard for their T for Tuesday blog hop. And to wish Halle a Happy Birthday/Cinco de Mayo day!

Edit: okay the crafty bug bit me. Here's a sneak peek of tomorrow's desk pic.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WOYWW 256!

I'm back! With some semblance of calm having returned to my life, the long missing ... Mojo has also.


I've been having a little play in the studio. What's on my desk after so many weeks away?

You see my master board soon to be ATCs for the upcoming WOYWW swap. Which is of course, hosted by the delightful Julia at the Stamping Ground. In the back left corner behind the spray box is my inspiration pic. A lovely spring tulip pic taken by Neesie of Neesie Natters.

Expect me to be stopping by for a quick peek at your desks. ;)

Good to be back. I've missed visiting with y'all !

and the Girls

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hey there....

......for checking in on me! I will be back crafting and posting. Promise! :)

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Friday, March 28, 2014


...not quite, tho' froggy designs is taking a much needed break.
Catch up with y'all in a few weeks.

Nan and the Girls

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

CASE closed

Well here it is, my CASEd shamrock card. When I first showed the start of this card my mind went blank as to the blog name where I'd see it. (due to a senior moment) I'm CASEing the giant shamrock card found on Colleen Dietrich's blog. And for those who might not know...CASE = Copy And Share Everything
I was drawn to Colleen's card for its CAS design and its 3D appeal.

I've used the same layout and colors with a smaller shamrock and a bit of distressing in the coloring. The black card was embossed with the Swiss dots e.f. For the shamrock leaves - what to do for green cardstock as I've given away 90% of my stash. Distress ink to the rescue! I've used Mowed Lawn on white card with the fun 'spritz n flick' technique. Then cut the leaves using the TH mini heart movers & shapers die and free hand cut the stem. Boy was that a chore with these shaky hands of mine.

Inside I've used a Quietfire Designs friendship sentiment stamp instead of the usual St. Paddy day verse. In my WOYWW post this week the sentiment had been cut with the Nesties hexagon die which was too big for the card. Oops :) So I've used my all time fave Nesties Label One die. The bottom part of the sentiment was stamped separately and cut into a pennant/fishtail shape. A bit of light inking before the main section is removed from the die and....wa CASEd shamrock card.

I love the playful nature of this card and the way the green pops on the black card. And the 'friendship' sentiment applies to my IRL friends, as well as, my cyber friends. I appreciate you all so very much!!

Warm hugs
( and the Girls)

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


....ever late! Better late than not all hey Deskers?!

Until an hour ago there was nothing new happening...I finally got sometime to get in the studio and finish the shamrock cards. On my desk are my sentiment stamps binder and the saying I'm using in these cards. It's not so much about Irish as it is about friendship.

Pics of the finished cards coming as soon as I get these mailed. ;)
I'll be popping by to snoop visit y'all over the next couple days.

Happy crafting!

Hugs from Nan and the Girls :)

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

#58 Smiles!

Yes I'm linking up with Annie at A Stitch in Time for a Friday Smile.

My Girls provide me with endless Smiles and some aarrgghhhh moments. This pic however is one of those ya gotta Smile moments.

Baby claiming the catnip plate. She knows her sister T gobbles up all of the fresh catnip ... so Baby sits on the plate gets most of the catnip stuck to her rump then runs off. She hides under the bed enjoying her bounty while T licks up the meager leftovers.

Did you smile? I hope so. Have a wonderful weekend. Y'all be warm and safe.

Hugs from me and the Girls!

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hello Deskers! Another week has come and gone with not a whole lot of craftiness either. I have managed to make two cards somewhere along the way. They may look familiar to some as I'm CASEing but for the life of me can't remember her name at the moment. So I will take a better pic of the card and provide a link to the CASEd card later.

That's it from me this week, I'm off to do some snooping. Apologies if I didn't get to you last week.

Oh do visit our intrepid leader, Julia, for all the deets about WOYWW.

Warm hugs from me and the Girls

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Helllooo! I'm baack.

I've sure missed linking up with WOYWW at Julia's
Stamping Ground these past few weeks.

Whew boy, what a crazy hectic month it's been for me. First, the purge and sale of goodies from the room of stash. Which went very well, thank you. Then barely rested after that when T set the cook top on fire! A kitchen towel caught fire and caused a lot of smoke....I mean A LOT of smoke. Took me two weeks of constant cleaning, washing, deorderizing to get my house back to normal and smoke-free! And as a lovely side effect of breathing all the smoke and cleaning fumes I got sick. As I said...whew.

But enough of that as all is well at froggy designs now. I've two desk pics for you today. The first is my work desk looking way too clean. I need to get in there and make an inky painty mess soon. The second desk has all the pieces of a mini album strewn around ready to be assembled.

And lastly, a pic of the electric stove so you'll understand how a mischievous little kitty could turn it on.

It's good to be back! I'll be popping round for a visit throughout the coming days. Please leave your WOYWW number so I can find you.

Have a wonderfully crafty day!

Hugs from me and the mischievous Girls

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