Wednesday, July 30, 2014

ATC Album!

I finally have a finished project I can with share you!! Yippee!!

This is my ATC album for all of the WOYWW 5 anniversary swapped ATCs! It turned out so cool, if I do say so myself. Doing a little happy dance....

First off the finished album

If you've come from my WOYWW post today you saw the letters drying on my desk. That's what the lumps of black distress glitter were. :)

Onward.....I saved and tried to use everything that was sent with the ATCs. Notes, pics, poems, paper and assorted other goodies. Thank you all!

So I tore up some envelopes and some of the papers and collaged them on a used file folder, following Bleubeard and Elizabeth's recycling efforts.

Next up....the folder was cut in half and various sprays and powders added as well as some doodling to try and tie the collage together, asterisks and dashes similar to the paper in the lower left. (this is my first attempt at a collage.)

Kind of got carried away with the sprays so I turned the pieces over and glued down some scrunched up TH tissue paper (has the weight of wax paper) and then went to town with more sprays and paint splatters.

Made some faux leather pieces for an edging to re-enforce the edge that would be punched for the binding rings.

Here's the covers with the edging...

And here's the finished cover. Very happy with how the title pops.

Then a few of the inside. I used plastic cd storage sleeves(cut to album size) for the ATCs. Each pocket held two ATCs perfectly. With some selective trimming I was able to fit the cards and notes that came with some of the ATCs. I love that I can see the backs of the ATCs, no need to be pulling them out of a pocket!

Even cut the tp tube envelope (on left) in half and stapled it down as it was so gorgeous!

And done. I hope you've enjoyed browsing thru the steps of how my WOYWW 5 ATC album came to life.

Thanks for stopping by.

Crafty hugs,
Nan and the Girls


My oh my time sure has flown by.....whoosh. I've missed linking up for a couple weeks but I have been busy. Oh yes indeedy.....busy busy. And today my desk is it's usual mess with several things going at once. Front and center some TH black soot distress glitter, just behind to the left is the completed ATC album (more pics to come). In the back middle are my mixing pots of acrylic paint and glaze concoctions, love this NBUS stuff. And over on the far left peeking in is a new project that will be a birthday gift (late as usual) with assorted detritus scattered about.

Thanks for dropping by I'll do my best to visit as many as I can today. Be sure to pop by Julia's for all the links and deets of why I'm showing you my messy desk.

***edit- here's the link to the finished ATC album!

Crafty hugs,
Nan and the Girls

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

T for Tuesday anniversary!

Today is T for Tuesday's first anniversary!
Happy Anniversary Bleubeard and Elizabeth!

I always visit the T party but sadly haven't posted much. But today I'm linking up for T for Tuesday sharing my favorite pic from one of my first T Tuesday posts.

This is my 'T', she's a goofy blue Russian kitty as evident by this pic. And her name really is 'T' as she was named after 'iced tea' which I drink by the gallons during summer.

Stop by and say Hi to Bleubeard and Elizabeth today and wish them happy Anniversary!

Nan and the Girls

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Oh my goodness, a friend wished me a good hump day and ....aacckk...I need to get a WOYWW post up....must take a desk pic...must not forget the atcs that arrived....must.....take a breath.

So here's my studio, a total disaster area...both desks!

Craft desk - dumping ground for remnants of Utee play. Some wire working tools, my ATC book covers getting buried. A mess!

Desk 2- All of the ATCs I've received laid out so I don't lose or leave anyone out of the ATC album. Another mess!

And these are the last two ATCs from the WOYWW 5 swap. On the left from Kay (sorry I missed posting it last week) and on the right from Kelly. Fab ATCs ladies!

So that's it from me today. Basically doing a general pick up so I can get back to the ATC album. I'm linking up with the birthday girl, Julia for our weekly desk hop.

Have a crafty day!
Nan and the Girls

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Hull-lo Deskers! We've come back around to another Wednesday gathering at Julia's. (Details can be found on her blog.)

Now the reason you're desk picture. Well, this is what awaits me this morning. Yesterday I glued down Tim's tissue paper with lots of nice wrinkles. When that was dry I used perfect pearls mists and started spraying. I like these mists so much better than the Dylusions sprays. Today I'll do a little sanding and some distress inking. These will be the covers for my WOYWW 5 ATC album.

Now I'm off to visit as many desks as possible this morning. Last week I was visiting but was unable to leave comments. :/ Hopefully this week blogger is more cooperative.

Have a wonderful day!
Nan and the Girls

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