Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I made I flop into a chair to catch my breath. My friend, Trisha came looking for me so I had to hurry and take some pics of my progress in the studio and link up with Julia. I made it, Trish!

Well the white cabinet didn't work out for Sizzix die storage.

Two issues: one I couldn't read the labels (bi-focals ya know) and the shelves sagged. So I tried the wood shelves next to it, still couldn't see the labels. So....

I've changed how I'm using the new old sewing cabinet found at a used furniture store for a steal. I've removed the doors to make it easier to get at my stuff. The drawers are strong enough to support the weight of the dies. Just need to type up some new labels since the dies lay on their side.

Yipee...happy dance. All of the plastic drawers from the broken plastic carts, you know the ones from the craft stores, fit on the shelf side of the cabinet. And tucked into the corner, I've stacked to wood units with small cardstock (A2) and the drawers will hold painting supplies (eventually). ;)

Sorry I wasn't a very good snooper last week. This week isn't looking too good for visiting. Maybe by the weekend I'll pop in to visit those that visit me.

Have a good crafty day!

Crafty hugs,
Nan and the Girls

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Hello hello Deskers,
Yes I'm here today for a short bit. Then it's back to legal paper work. Ugh.

First let me say to everyone, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I am happy to report that there's only a few small boxes left to unpack and the studio to organize and I will finally, be settled in my new place. My friends drove up the other day and helped to put up cabinets for storage around the apartment. See that white case on the wall.....isn't that cool. New die storage...yippee! And the big box off to the right is my desk waiting to be assembled. I can't wait to start crafting again. I sure miss getting all inky and stained. (grin)

So here's my 'desk' to link up with Ms. Julia today.

(click on pic for a non-blurry view)

The old wood desk will be my cutting station. Well, at least the right half will be. Looks like T has claimed the left side for her own. :) have a wonderful day. I'll visit as many as I can in the evenings this week. Please leave your number so I can find you.

Crafty hugs,
Nan and the Girls