Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Days 13 - 19

Hey y'all,

I'm back with with my coloring projects for the #30DayColoringChallenge from last week.

The background is yellow, pink and light orange paints scraped on with an old gift card. To get the shape of the poppies I used a Donna Downey stencil and painted over the background leaving just the flowers showing in the original color mix. In some of the videos I've watched this is where they added doodling in black pen. I don't doodle and I didn't like all of that white. :/

I felt my background colors didn't show up. So I painted over the white with black gesso. Much better.

Then I mixed white paint and air brush medium to make my own fine liner mixture and attempted to doodle stems.

Looking better but needs something else. So I'll leave sit a few days and see what resonates with me.

Have a great week.

Crafty hugs,

Nan and the Girls


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Days 6 - 12

Oh my goodness! Where did the weeks go?!

So let's get caught up on my participation in the 30DayColoringChallenge.

Day 6 - 9

After a few more layers of paint on the background, house and ghostly trick or treaters, the Halloween piece is finished. Well, almost. It still needs a bit of twisted wire for the hanger. Then I worked on the postage pocket card; a bit of rust, stenciling with paint & ink and some stamping on acrylic. Both of these are for a friend's upcoming birthday.

Day 10 - 12

The latter part of that week I switched gears and did a little playing with a new way to stencil...using a big long bristled round paint brush. Oh so much easier for me to do. Was inspired by a blog I happened on in following links. As soon as I find it I'll put her link in here. These were based on picture negatives from the 1800s. For the background, I masked off the card using painter's tape then brushed on the color. The images were stamped using the Misti and distress or Adirondack inks. I think they turned out pretty cool and will be attached to card bases shortly.


That's all from me today. I'll be back in a couple days to catch you up on last week's paintings.

Have a wonderful last week of July.

Crafty hugs,

Nan and the Girls


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Day 4 & 5

30 Day Coloring Challenge. #thedailymarker30day

Day 3 - rested my hand from stress of holding a watercoloring brush.

Day 4 & 5 worked on these pieces for a new Halloween plaque.

Have a wonderfully creative weekend!

Crafty hugs,

Nan and the Girls


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Day 2

Ok, since I'm trying to color everyday might as well do a short post on it.

Today I tried watercoloring. Eh, not my thing, now. Much to tedious and holding the water brush, watercolor pencils etc was very difficult for my hand. I'll stick to stamping and acrylic paints.

So here are my practice pieces from day 2. On the left used distress inks and on the right watercolor pencils and a bit of Wink of Stella.

I'm participating in the 30 Day Coloring Challenge, here.

Crafty hugs,

Nan and the Girls


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Day 1

Of the 30 day Coloring Challenge

So I'm kicking off this challenge in fine style with Day One's endeavors. The orange background was already painted. I've added my sunrise/sunset colors and stamped the tree line with black acrylic paint.


Work in progress....stayed tuned.

Crafty hugs,

Nan and the Girls


Mystic Pizza

Hi y'all, how are you? Just doing a little catch up posting, as I realized I hadn't posted this piece yet. It was made back in March and early April. I love the way it turned out. It's titled " Mystic Pizza Graveyard" as the stenciled cornflowers reminded me of the man-eating plant in the movie Mystic Pizza. Remember that one? Good then you're probably in the same age bracket as me. ;)

After doing the background this sat a few a days while I tried to figure out where to go with it. One morning it just jumped out at me ... Mystic Pizza!! So away to the graveyard we went. Tehe

Lots of metallic paint, embossing paste, die cut pieces, sanded & fiber molding paste texture a few tombstones (look closely), an old house and wa-la done. Enjoy. (Lots of pics for you)


Hope all in the US had a wonderful and safe Fourth of July holiday.

Have a wonderful and crafty week. I'm joining the 30 day Coloring Challenge. I will post weekly updates of what I've colored, painted, inked etc. Visit The Daily Marker blog for details.

Crafty hugs,

Nan and the Girls