Sunday, June 17, 2018

Birthday cards

I needed a bunch of birthday cards for May, June and July so I’m trying to use blogger again to post them. Aagrrhh somewhere along the line I’ve been switched to google+😬😬 Now how do I pull in my pics from my iPad photos? I miss Blogsy, it made updating and importing pics so easy.  geez, we have to use google photos. :/ Oh by the way, I’m on Instagram now, Nan Gustafson (esk918). Hope to see you there.

First up a couple where I was actually able to do some ink blending! I haven’t been able to hold the blending tool for years. My hand was out of commission for a few days after this session ... guess that’s the end of ink blending using Tim’s tool.

Next up are a few water colored flowers. I used the altenew peony spray stamp and die cut them. Also used a NBUS stamp from Unity on a gel press painted background.

Well I see blogger has screwed things up even more. Did I mention that I’m on instagram. That’s easier for me to use one handed. Catch me there as I don’t see myself using this messed up blogger anymore. 
Crafty hugs,
Nan and the Girls

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Something different

Tried a little something different today using alcohol inks. In the past (a ways back) I've used them to color metal and make cardboard look like metal. And we've all made the usual blotchy or smooshed backgrounds with them. I've never tried painting a scene with them. You have to move fast when using  a.i. and I'm not moving as fast as I needed too. So below is a pic of my experiments.
Painted on glossy photo paper, a plain sanded canvas, canvas with a good layer of heavy gel medium (used a painting knife) and lastly, a canvas with good layer of gesso on it. I wanted to see how a.i. would work on canvas with having to spray it with something first. A.I. worked on all the surfaces of the canvas. Not so much on the photo paper, I wasn't fast enough for that one. And by the time I got to it, about 20 minutes, I was having trouble breathing because of the smell from the alcohol! Forgot how bad that was and it really affected me this time. So this is the last time I'll use a.i.
Remember, these were an experiment...
That's it for me today.
Crafty hugs,
Nan and the Girls

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Picture ketchup...:)

So heres  pics of Dec, Jan and Feb birthday cards. Many inspired by blogs I follow. And one Valentine inspired by Birgit.
Success! A slow process for sure but I'm back online....happy dance.
Crafty hugs,
Nan and the Girls

Where's the keyboard!?

My iPad battery died! Blame it on apple .... Anyways, I'm trying to post using my phone, hence the title.
I have been somewhat creative these past few months. I'll try to put the pics at the end here. A few cards and a valentine mixed media piece. Which was inspired by Birgit's post.
Take care and craft on... by the way I'm on instagram now.
Crafty hugs,
Nan and the Girls
Stay tuned Google is giving me fits with pics.
....edited...switched over to a Kindle Fire HD 8 instead of my tiny iphone! Also the type is bigger so I can see it. Better sized keyboard too. Plus I can import pics from the iphone, so I'm in business. At least this will work in the interim unti! I have enough saved for a new ipad. I've set up a new post with the pics. Well, thought I could load pics to the new post. Too much sh... for this weary brain to learn. Eventually you'll see pics.....
Pics are posted ... HERE

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Holiday catch-up

That's right I haven't posted since July. :0 I've been having a bit of difficulty with my hand (R). Took me awhile to figure out how to use it in its limited capacity. I did get to painting in early October and finished these in early November. Yes, I missed Halloween but enjoy them anyway. Here's my version of some Sugar Sculls. They turned out fab, I think.

3"x4" mini

I've kept the bigger one and mailed the other.

Now the next holiday and I'm on time, just!


I didn't do many cards this year, dang hand just wouldn't cooperate. So here's what I was able to do. One painting and some stamping & heat embossing for the others.

First up, a Charlie Brownesque tree.

4"x6" canvas

It's a 4"x6" flat canvas on a 5x7 card base with splattered paint snow. Used my xyron 5" sticker machine which worked like a charm. Only problem, takes two hands to get the canvas positioned. (Ugh)

Next we have a normal type card. Saw this online and stayed pretty close to that design.

I do not have any patterned paper so out came the white paint and more splatters for snow. The layered tree and sentiment are from Hero Arts.
Well, that catches you up on my painting/crafting.
For all my blog friends here and overseas:

Merry Christmas and hope the New Year blesses you with good health, happiness and lots of crafting!



Craft hugs,

Nan and the Girls


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A quick card

Hello folks,

How's your summer going? Florida has been very toasty and H.U.M.I.D.! Step outside and you're instantly covered in 'skeeters.

I've been doing some cleaning and sorting and not much else. Took some time out today to make a best wishes and happy new home card for our maintenance guy. Sadly, because he no longer lives on site he can't be the maintenance guy. Today was his last day of working here.

So I quickly painted this card for him and his wife. The tree is a stamp from Penny Black. I used the misti to stamp it on the painted background in black paint. Didn't make a good impression but enough so I could see the shape. Then I added the foliage and extended the trunk. In my rush, I forgot to add some highlights to the tree trunk. Oh well, I'm happy with how this turned out.

That's it from me today. Enjoy your summer and stay cool.

Crafty hugs,

Nan and the Girls