Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tick tick....CLOCK!

Thank you for your patience and encouragement while you waited for the faux burnt wood clock.

After may starts, redo's, do overs, stripped and start agains...I am happy to present to faux burnt wood clock!

It started life as a copper colored tin box.

There's layers of paint faux wood grain medium and more paint. Sure wish I'd gotten my hands on the TH distress paint early on. It sticks to metal surfaces! So cool. I can see getting more of the D.P. for future metal projects. I was able to get one bottle of the soot D.P. and it saved the day for this clock!

The center HD medallion was painted with acrylic copper paints and over stamped with the TH wood grain stamp.

The hands were colored with alcohol ink in such a way to appear blistered...ya know from the fire's heat. ;) Remember the faux leather from a WOYWW post a few weeks back? It was cut and used as the strapping around the sides. Attached with solid rivets and a few bolts.

Do hope you think the wait for my faux burnt wood clock was worthwhile. I learned a lot making this and will definitely be doing more with faux finishes on metal.


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  1. Oh MY - I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this clock - as a huge fan of the HD motorcycle this is right up my alley! Stunning!!!

  2. I am in LOVE with this clock - as a HUGE fan of HD motorcycles this is right up my alley! Beautiful!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this (can you tell I like it? LOL)

  3. I have to say this was worth the wait! Just amazing techniques!

  4. WOW! Nan, that is a magnificent clock. Hard to believe it started as a copper tin. WELL DONE!!

  5. HOLY COW! This is awesome Nan!! You are one crafty, clever lady! FANTASTIC!

  6. Oh, brilliant Nan - such a clever idea, and beautifully done.
    Alison x

  7. Celebrate, indeed!! Well done, Nan! It's fabulous!!

  8. Love this!! (not sure how or why I missed this Glad I scrolled through when you wrote you had 6 posts this week on the beautiful pink wall hanging. This clock is so cool and what a gorgeous way to up-cycle!!