Tuesday, July 2, 2013

WOYWW, NBUS & ho ho...HO!

Welcome to WOYWW 213! I have two pics for you today. 
First up is a pic showing I do make a mess when working by hauling out a bunch of stuff that I think I might need /use. Front and center is an almost finished CASed card.

Next is my desk as I leave it Tuesday night showing all of my Christmas cards for my upcoming Christmas in July extravaganza class! 

The two cards up front are the cards I've CASed from Darnell here and a second one whose post I cant find now.
For the card on the left, I've switched the holly wreath stamp and used shiny red card stock. To add some texture to the red, I embossed the curve to follow the curve of the white paper above it. With all the cards I've made, this is the first time I've heat embossed on vellum! ...and I didn't scorch it! 
For the deep burgundy card, I've used the bottom portion of a holly bouquet stamp and silver stars, as my primitive stars were way too small. My layout is very close to the inspiration card, wish I could find that post. :/
The reindeer cards are my NBUS (never before used schtuff). Yes I'm borrowing this from Darnell also...I'll call it "knee-bus". :) Anyway, the stamps are very old wood mounted from Memory Box. I've covered them a bit so as not to ruin the surprise for my class in case any of them read my blog. :)
I've also switched out an ATC on my shelf...see it? I bring it out to remind myself how lucky I am to live in a free society/country. My way of celebrating the 4th of July you could say.
And last but not least is a tip of the crafty hat to Julia our hostess with the mostest! Stop by for a cuppa and a good long snoop as all the links are over there.
That's it from me tonight today. I'll be snooping 'round after my dentist appointment later today.

Celebrate life!

(edit: boy google+ sure blurries the pics when you click on them for a better view. this happens when I post from the iPad. so sorry folks! I'll switch them as soon as I unbury the laptop. further update: pics have been swapped out so now they will enlarge when you click on them and hopefully stay in focus.

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  1. Love your Christmas cards. They are stunning. Happy crafting #12

  2. Happy 4th July for tomorrow!
    Cannot believe you are on the C cards - but what I can see looks awful good to me.
    Ugh! Dentist! Not one of my favourite places to have to go, in fat I dread it.
    Hope all is well and you have something good planned for the 4th.
    Hugs, Neet 16 xx

  3. You are busy and organised! I haven't even thought of Christmas yet! It looks like you are having fun nevertheless! Happy WOYWW!

  4. Good morning Nan G
    I hope the trip to the dentists goes well and you don't have to have anything done
    The Christmas cards on your desk look lovely
    Happy fourth of July
    Jackie 38

  5. I might give vellum another go after seeing this card. Thanks for the inspiration. #49

  6. Aaaargh, you've mentioned the Chr...word...I admire you for your organisational skills in being prepared but just can't do it myself!! Your desk looks a riot of activity though which is more than can be said for mine!!
    Hugs, LLJ 59 xx

  7. Oh I do like the JOY card (just trying to ignore the fact it's a CHRISTMAS card in JULY!) The photo doesn't seem too blurry to ME but then my eyes are old...

    Did you sort the Google+ thing? Was that you that was having a problem? I can see the open id option now and don't think I could last week! or am I confused....?

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (19)

  8. your desk looks deliciously busy

  9. We post everything from the ipad so hope our whole blog is not a blurry mess. We do the same as you and pull out everything we might need for crafting, then sigh at the mess and shuffle stuff!

    Hugs from the bears @# 92

  10. Looks like a nice busy workdesk. Lovely christmas cards.
    Happy WOYWW and I wish you a lovely week.
    xx Monique #74

  11. Oh no not the dentist! Hope your check up was OK. Really enjoyed looking at your desk today, great cards - the wreath is my favourite. Also loving the tags you've got in the background - very similar colour palette to the Tim Tag I'm doing in my post. Have a fun week MMx #47

  12. You had me worried when I saw Christmas cards but Christmas in July makes it okay. It's sure been cold enough to have a nice hot Christmas dinner!
    Have a great week.
    Von #14

  13. Hi Nan
    loving your desk today and those are some very pretty Christmas Cards, love your colour choice
    Happy WOYWW and have a great week
    Ria #52

  14. It's hard to believe but it is time to think about Christmas! How great that you are doing a class!

  15. Steaming ahead with Christmas there... looks as though it will be a great class! A busy, productive desk, as always, Nan.
    Alison x

  16. Hope the dentist appt. went well. Love the Xmas cards...I've been designing some for a workshop but it's difficult when the sun is shining! Hugs. Pam#27

  17. Google adn iPad have just got to get together and shake hands, it's ridiculously hard to do anything well on it for blogging. Moan over.
    Love the christmas cards and the JOY image is lovely. How you motivated yourself into doing those is beyond me!

  18. Love the Christmas cards. I had meant to have made so many by now but it's just not happening. In fact not touched my desk for over a week. Life getting in the way :-( Happy WOYWW Anne x #65

  19. Yep! A very busy desk indeedy! Happy woyww! emmey#132

  20. Nan, first of all, I am so honored to be CASEd by you! All your cards look amazing. I'd love to see a close-up of your JOY card with the vellum wreath. Congratulations on not scorching the vellum! Your class is going to love what you've got to show them!

    I hope the dentist visit went well and you have a great week! Happy WOYWW and thanks again!! Darnell #77

  21. Oh there is some lovely things to play with on your desk, but you're scaring me with those CCCChrist MMMMas stuff :). You class look like it will be wonderful, Thanks for sharing Nan and have a great week...

  22. Hey girl! Happy 45th of July! The photos are great now, great to click and get a closer look at these FABULOUS creations! I commend you ... Christmas cards ... Uuuugh! I'm not ready yet!
    Have a good one and stay safe!!

  23. Lovely creative desk this week and such pretty C cards... I can't do them until nearer the time, though I should! Annette #4

  24. Yah I'm so glad to see more xmas cards :) I love making them hugs Nikki #5

  25. Love your beautiful Christmas cards and busy workspace. Thank you so much for sharing. :)

  26. Beautiful Christmas cards, glad someone else has taken over the mantle! Although I don't suppose I'll be away from it for too long!

    Brenda 1

  27. Hi Fran,

    Just tried to email you but I couldn't (Gmail is acting up for me) so am leaving you a message here).

    Wanted to let you know that your lovely card and ATC arrived - thank you so much! I am featuring it on today's WOYWW.

    Also, your ATC has been mailed so you should be receiving it any day now!

    Happy WOYWW to you!

    Create With Joy