Monday, August 19, 2013

Tuesday T time

Good Tuesday morning!
I'm back joining in with Elizabeth and Bleubeard for T Stands for Tuesday over on the Altered Book Lover blog.

I live on diet Pepsi which I mostly drink from the can, kinda boring to show that again. So today I am sharing a coffee mug sans used to house my growing collection of paint brushes.

For those not familiar with the logo...that is the emblem of Harley Davidson motorcycles. Not sure why/how the background came out brown instead of black. :( I designed and ordered another which turned out fab and gave it to MF (my fella). Sorry that pic is a bit blurry it was taken with his phone camera.

And finally, success in getting a pic of a butterfly on what I call my butterfly bush. Tho' sadly the flowers are well depleted due to the sudden weather change from hot and rainy to just plain hot! Still I'm quite happy that I was able to get such a perfect pic of this beauty.


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  1. Oh my GOSH, that IS a perfect photo of a butterfly on your butterfly bush. AWESOME.

    I knew right away it was a Harley emblem. I have a friend who is a Harley nut. She even owns her own, although I think she's got it put away because she lives in a city that has had flooding the past couple of weeks.

    Thanks for sharing this fun mug. I love it. And thanks for joining T today, too.

  2. Such an enterprising way to use an old mug, I am sure I saw a chipped one in the cupboard this morning and i have a pile of paintbrushes in need of a handy home! Great photo of the butterfly, I never have my camera handy when I see them.

  3. Love all the brushes! I keep mine in a couple of big old glass jars. Hope the weather will get better there and here. We've had chilly below 70 degree days and too much all-the-time rain... weird for NC cause our Augusts are usually 100 degrees and steamy.

  4. If I had the room I think all my brushed, pens, pencils and other long tools would be in coffee cups. I love the look of things stored in them, but alas I have to have something to drink my coffee out of. LOL
    The markings on that butterfly are outstanding, and what a GREAT photo you got of it.
    Happy T Day

  5. Your desk looks really great, and I too go with you on the Diet Pepsi front, it is much nicer than your bushes hun, ours is loosing its colour now too, but we have taken lovely pictures off all the fabulous butterflies who have visited us this year xxx

  6. mugs were made for brushes and pens. Then someone got this great idea to drink out of them.
    Yours looks fantastic.

  7. Hello and happy Tuesday! I love using mugs and odd jars for holding my brushes and markers too. I do know the Harley Davidson sign also, love motorcycles but fear of riding on them.

    What a pretty picture of the butterfly and the bush. These bushes are on my list to get one day. The weather has been crazy for us this summer too.

    Enjoy your day!

  8. Your paintbrushes have found a fun home in the Harley mug! My butterfly bush is actually picking up again, although I haven't seen but one or two more butterflies on it. Great photo!

  9. Hi Nan - love the butterfly pic - I am never quick enough to get them in focus lol... have a great week - Happy T 4 Tuesday... Mxx

  10. Great use of a mug...some of them can hold quite a lot!
    I always get excited when butterflies visit our snapped a nice photo of that pretty one
    Happy T day to ya

  11. i do the same thing in using mugs to hold brushes, pencils, pens, etc. they are perfect for that!

    congrats on getting such a good picture of the butterfly!

  12. Lovely butterfly photo. My cell phone takes horrible photos...although a new one may be in my future since the ringer speaker died today.
    Happy Tuesday!

  13. Its really hard taking pictures of moving insets, I tried with a dragonfly but missed him! Happy Late T time!!

  14. always fun to see where folks work, and the photo of the butterfly is gorgeous!