Tuesday, October 29, 2013

T for Tuesday and a visitor!

Good Tuesday morning everyone!

I am linking up with Elizabeth and Bleubeard for T for Tuesday and my visitor from across the pond via California is none other than.....Flat Susan!! I am so excited to be hosting her for a visit to central Florida.  She actually arrived on Saturday and was such a dear to wait patiently while I finished my cleaning chores this weekend.

So here's Flat Susan with all of her traveling gear and a few pieces of my art and since it's T day, my beverage glass.

 We awoke this morning to a beautiful sunny Florida day. To celebrate FS's arrival and our planned activities, I presented her with her very own Harley Davidson! The next pic shows FS standing next to her motorcycle ready to go!

In the corner you see a bit of a gorgeous tag. Here's a better pic of this fabulous tag that Krisha has sent me. I love it, Krisha! Thank you!

Well, we're off to enjoy this lovely day and see what we can see around my hood. Have a wonderful day!

Happy Birthday to Bleubeard!

Hope you're feeling better soon Elizabeth. Warm hugs from FL.

Celebrate today!

(Edit: FYI for those using BlogPress on the ipad ....there's been an update for iOs7 and now the app crashes when you try to save or post! I had to dig out the laptop and of course blogger is acting up. So two hours later.... well, good luck to you.)


  1. Hello to you and Flat Susan! Glad she is enjoying her new home and the warm sun I'm sure. How awesome is that Harley, bet a cool ride down the beach would be fun.

    How pretty that fall tag is, love the colors!!

    Thanks so much for sharing with us today. Enjoy the day!

  2. I've nipped across the pond Nan for a quick warm...and I'm not disappointed by your description of the day ;D
    I can see you and Flat Susan off for a spin on the Harley!
    Fantastic autumnal tag too.
    Have fun and don't worry about me freezing over here will you? :(

  3. Flat Susan looks good with that motorcycle!

  4. I've stopped by or started to stop by at least three times in a week. Every time I plan to or visit, I get sick and have to make a toilet run. I'm so sorry, because I've wanted to get by sooner. I'm SO glad you got FS settled, although she looks like she will have fun on her new bike, too.

    I'm not playing in WOYWW this week because I can't sit long enough to visit people I want to. I appreciate that you are willing to leave me comments even when I have no umph to do so in return. You are such a sweetie.

    I was so glad to see your name on the T list today. It made me so happy. I know it made Bleubeard happy, too, because I actually was up long enough to feed him and get a comment to you (grin). Happy T from Bleubeard and me to you and FS.

  5. LOVE that motorcycle for Susan, and the beautiful fall tag! Happy Tuesday!

  6. Beautiful motorcycle card and Fall tag. Hope Flat Susan enjoys Florida! Happy T Day!

  7. I am so glad FS arrived safely, and that you like the tag.
    Happy T-day!!!!!

  8. Oh, my word, Nan, how on earth are the rest of us going to deal with FS now that you have given her her own custom motorcycle! We will NEVER top that and she will be spoiled rotten by the time you are done with hosting! BTW, she does look like she was made for that bike! Can't wait to see what you dudes do next!! Hugs, Darnell

  9. Great artworks!
    I love the tag and the frame is beautiful.

    Have a nice day!

  10. Glad FS arrived safely, she looks like she's having fun already...

  11. That Harley suits FS to a T - LOL - love your tag too lucky girl... thanks for popping by for T - have a great week - Mxx

  12. Clearly Flat Susan and everyone she visits is having a fabulous time.

    Such a cool motorcyle just her size...she won't want to leave ;)

    p.s. sorry I am late for T

  13. Your Flat Susan Friend looks so happy with her Harley! Flat Stanley came to see me one time and we had a grand time. :)