Sunday, November 3, 2013


...where all the lights are bright. Downtown! as the Petula Clark song goes.

My small town, however, doesn't know the song. :) It's lights out and the sidewalks rolled up at 5:00 p.m. folks! (Pic heavy post)

So FS and I went for a walk early Friday morning. It's a nice peaceful place to walk at 9:00 am before the businesses are open and the tourists flock in.
It's also a one stoplight town....that's small. :)

Looking down Donnelly Street on the west side of the street.

We've crossed Donnelly and are headed south.

A few early risers enjoying breakfast on the outdoor deck above.
A restaurant that I think FS and her countrywomen would like

The Windsor Tea Room was established by a British ex-pat. Continuing down Fourth Avenue we come to the newly finished pedestrian mall. It's only one block long. Told ya, we're a small town!

This is the original 1880's train depot now our Chamber of Commerce building. At the end of the pedestrian mall is the yacht club and new docks with a seating area for viewing the sunsets. More about those tomorrow.

Turning around and heading north we come to the building that housed our stamp store. Where I once worked and taught classes. Sadly, it's been closed for four years.

The posts are wrapped with lighted garlands ...getting ready for Christmas.
At the corner we turn right and we're back on Fifth Ave almost where we started. Here we find this interesting store facade from the 1950s.

Let's go up the hill and see what's going on, shall we?

Ah, power company workers stringing more lights. My little town puts up over a million and has a big extravaganza on the last Saturday of November to Light Up Mount Dora.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. :) See you tomorrow for sunsets over the lake.

Celebrate where you live!

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  1. This looks like my kind of place. I also live in a small town. Actually I live in a very small community; not really a town. We have a post office and therefore a name for the area. But I love the calm and quiet!

  2. I'm like Glenda, I love in small community, post office but not one red light, your town is nice!!!

  3. Looks very peaceful... clearly you picked the best time of day for getting out and about! I love that bookshop store front (is it still a bookshop inside?!). Thanks for sharing a little of our home town with us!

    Had a crazy work week on the back of the house move, so now looking forward to some catching up (crafting and sleeping) over the next few days.
    Alison xx

  4. I too live in a small town. Actually, I should say... near a small town. LOL We live in the middle of no-where in the woods out in the country. But we love it! Your town looks lovely!

  5. Your town might be small, Nan, but it sure is lovely and it sure has a festive spirit! How blessed you are to live in such surroundings. Your sunset over Lake Dora photos were wonderful!! Hugs, Darnell