Monday, December 2, 2013

Playing catch up...

As I was clearing my 'To be posted' pic file I realized I am woefully behind in posting some of my pics! My apologies for keeping you waiting.

Here is the third in my series of MDF masking tape squares.

Presenting...... "Elusive"

And the series now hanging on my art wall.

Supplies: MDF square, masking tape, distress paints, alcohol ink.

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  1. They really are glorious, Nan - you would never think they had such humble origins! The mysterious hand reaching out from the bottom corner on this one is amazing.
    Alison xx

  2. The squares are beautiful, great texture & colour. Great work :) Take care, Shirleyx

  3. They are gorgeous... especially hanging all together!! They honestly look like pieces of sculpted metal... just beautiful! Know what you mean about the time getting away... I just don't know where October and November went.

  4. Very fun textured squares.

    Hugs Diane