Tuesday, December 24, 2013

T for Tuesday and Tree

Linking up with Bleubeard and Elizabeth for Christmas Eve Tuesday T.

Picture found on Pinterest and while it's a cool pic it is very representative of Christmas for me this year.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. Clever upside down tree. Hope things are right side up for you by tomorrow. Happy Holidays!


  2. My neighbor does an up-side-down tree. Mostly because she has so many kids and pets. :)
    Merry Christmas!

  3. I saw one on instagram all lit up and decorated. It was pretty cool! not my thing mind you but still~ it was an attention getter
    Happy T to you and a very Merry Christmas!!

  4. Hello and Happy T Day!

    Sorry to see your feeling off right now, think we all do at this time. Hope you feel more Merry tomorrow!

    Hanging trees upside is actually more popular now, I know several that do that. Not sure if I would like that.

    Have a Merry Christmas and thanks for stopping in.

  5. Christmas trees are beautiful whether right side up-or upside down. Hope you'll feel much better real soon. Merry Christmas and happy T day!

  6. some years the holidays certainly CAN feel upside down...

    we have struggled for many years after losing loved ones to try and find our twinkle...

    I hope that Peace and Joy surround you and your family this holiday season...



  7. Ha! so cool...hope your upside down Christmas is in a good way! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too dear! ♥

  8. Dear, dear Nan. I hope this tree is not foreboding, but a sign of your humor. Unlike some others, I have never seen an upside down tree like that before. And I hope you don't feel upside down this year, because T and Baby depend on you!

    Thanks for joining T today. Please take care and have an awesome, sideways Christmas this year.

  9. Just came today to say Merry Christmas! I wish you lots of peace, love and happiness in company of all your family! Bibiana

  10. You are the Sister of my heart.....Little Sister 🐸 I hope I can chase away your blues on Christmas Day. I have adopted you and there is no escaping now!

  11. That's a cool idea if you have cats that like to mess with the tree!
    I'd post a desk picture but I can't find my camera under the mess on my desk.
    Susan (Don Madden's blog Wrangler).

  12. Ho Ho Ho Merrrry Christmas!!! Hope you are having a wonderful day with family and friends! I've never understood those upside down trees...LOL. We had to go to an artificial one this year due to hubby's severe allergies. I found a very realistic one from Christmas Central through Amazon. It looks just like a real Fraiser Fir. Very pleased with it. AND... we don't have to take it down today! The live cut ones usually are so dry by now it's too much of a fire hazard.

  13. Absolutely love this photo - thank you for sharing it!
    Alison x