Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Good Tuesday evening, Deskers. Yes I'm linking up with Julia a bit early but it's Wednesday already for Julia. So here we go with another edition of WOYWW.

My pic tonight is of my second desk where I have set aside a work in progress. On Monday my BF aka snowbird friend aka big sis came over and we started working on a mini album using the envelope punch board. We're calling it a Tabbed Page mini. I had made a small sample, that's it in the brown papers, propped up on the punch board.

The idea came from Stamptramp's blog who saw this youtube video Here. I had to watch the video a dozen times in order to get the directions and measurements written down. Soapbox time....if you're going to do a how-to video please be organized!....off soapbox now.

Anyway, it's turning out pretty cool.

As usual, I'll do my best to visit those who visit me.

Have a crafty day!

Hugs from the Girls and me. :)

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  1. I love your mini album, so cute and such a great vintage look to it!

  2. I like the Little album, I agree, video's can be unorganized, but I do use them a lot. Enjoy WOYWW and Have Fun.

  3. great mini album love those fab vintage papers used ..sound like it was a challenge to get the information but you did it well done . have a great week ahead crafty hugs Andrea#17

  4. Now you know why I don't make videos, only still photos when I make tutorials. I often forget something, but it's usually in the "supplies" stage.

    Bleubeard wants to say hi to the Girls. He says he's still in love. I can't possibly tell him he's neutered and has no idea what love is (grin).

    Have a great WOYWW from # 16 and thanks for the earlier visit.

  5. Happy WOYWW! I like the look of your album Nan..I laughed at your comment about the video..I have seen some bad ones, but as I don't make them myself I suppose I should not critique them! Cx #25

  6. Good morning.
    I'm trying to squeeze as many visits in as I can before work gets in the way. Thanks for sharing your little corner of creativity today. I know what you mean about getting the info, it can be a bit like trying to write song lyrics down by pausing the tape player as a kid.
    Hope the rest of your week is a good one.
    Neil #33

  7. That's going to be just gorgeous - I hope we see it when it's all done! happy WOYWW.. Helen, 7

  8. I dont do videos for this reason, I would really suck at it. LOL Great mini album, love the papers used. Have a great crafting week and thanks for sharing.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 32

  9. Great mini album and I think being organised would get us all out of trouble in most situations.
    Sandra @28

  10. Hi Nan the mini book is so lovely. I would like to do something similar with my Workshop group - we'll see. Those videos can be frustrating but I am thankful they're out there and I don't think I could do one. Hugs Anne x #49

  11. The album looks like it's going to be amazing. I love videos but can never follow them without pausing and skipping back half a dozen times!

    Happy woyww

    Zoe #42

  12. Hi Nan. I really like the arch in that page you have done - wonder what is through it??!!
    Have a great fun week.
    Margaret #52

  13. I love to have a video to show me how to do something! I'm a visual learner for sure. This is a good idea and I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  14. Having a great time Little Sister 🐸. I may just put mine on your desk so your friends can se your "girly Big Sister's" after they are all done..so love bouncing ideas off each other when we have our "Playdates" every Monday.
    AKA .... BFF, Snowbird, Sister of my Heart......

  15. Looks like great fun ! Have a wonderful Wednesday, Shirleyx

  16. Your mini album looks great! You only had to watch the video a dozen times?? LOL I have to do the same thing with YT videos, some of them talk so fast or have the whole thing on fast forward so they don't take so much time.

    Really looking forward to you finished project. I may even check out that video. If I decide to make one of these I'll let you know how many times I had to watch it too....LOL

    Have a great week Nan.
    Krisha #26

  17. Oh how fun. I can't wait to see your finished mini. I have seen those albums and would love to try one myself.
    Bear Hugs,

  18. Wonderful mini album, Nan, what a fun make, and even more special, since you got to be with your sis!

    A Happy WOYWW to you!
    #87 this week, with
    image transfer pendants

  19. The album is looking pretty cool! I hate when I have to watch a video over and over again to get the measurements and materials, is there any room for me on your soap box?
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #83

  20. Nothing more annoying than having to watch a video a zillion times. Maybe instructions (think you say directions) as well would be a good idea.
    You got there in the end, hope we get to see a bigger picture in its entirety. Looks cute.
    Hugs and thanks for the visit, Neet 24 xx

  21. You aren't alone Nan..I've almost given up on project videos for this reason...
    Meanwhile - I like the look of the tabbed mini...and the fact that you and your Sis are collaborating..fun!

  22. Busy desk Nan. Can't wait to see what the book looks like. I went to the video but like you I gave up due to coughing and poor prep. Normally I don't complain but I am getting to where I don't want to do videos anymore. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week. Vickie #99

  23. Sounds like you've shared the frustration many suffer with those videos. Love the results though so it was well worth it.
    A x # 44

  24. Hi Nan,

    How fun to do projects with your sister! The mini album looks cool - will need to see the finished project.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (3)

  25. It looks like a fabulous little album... can't wait to see more!
    Alison x

  26. sounds like y'all are having fun making a fun mini! I agree with you... huge pet peeve of mine is people who make vids and just ramble on and on and rummage around for "stuff" they can't find or even get up and leave the room with the camera running. Edit people. Edit! Haha. I don't make 'em... just watch 'em.

  27. Funny Story. I was looking at the folks connected to CJS and saw your name and literally said out loud with feeling - Nan G! Like I had just found a friend. Because I know you, a bit, from WOYWW. What a crazy fun world blogland is, eh? Hope your enjoying CJS.

  28. I keep checking in with you, Nan, but you've been pretty quiet. I hope it is just because you are still having fun with your company making mini albums and such ... and not because you are unwell. There is so much sickness flying around.

    Enjoy the weekend! Hugs, Darnell

  29. COOL! I love that you have a second desk...me too...and a third, and sometimes the kitchen table...lol!

  30. COOL! I love that you have a second desk...me too...and a third, and sometimes the kitchen table...lol!