Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Hull-lo Deskers! We've come back around to another Wednesday gathering at Julia's. (Details can be found on her blog.)

Now the reason you're desk picture. Well, this is what awaits me this morning. Yesterday I glued down Tim's tissue paper with lots of nice wrinkles. When that was dry I used perfect pearls mists and started spraying. I like these mists so much better than the Dylusions sprays. Today I'll do a little sanding and some distress inking. These will be the covers for my WOYWW 5 ATC album.

Now I'm off to visit as many desks as possible this morning. Last week I was visiting but was unable to leave comments. :/ Hopefully this week blogger is more cooperative.

Have a wonderful day!
Nan and the Girls

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  1. LOL! Funny. Robin O posted a stray comment in her WOYWW post that she hoped to come up with some sort of ATC display and I commented with what I thought was a nifty idea. Then I had to clear the decks and see if it worked. It did and I've already made one :) I have all my ATCs in a book at the moment but now I am liking the idea of a hanging thing that lets me see them on the wall every day. Trouble is I need a bigger room to display them all....wonder if DH can be persuaded to let me expand my craft space...
    unlikely :)

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (1)

  2. And DOH! I forgot to mention how much I like your background so far. Love the colours!

  3. the background is interesting and will check the results when you sand it. It must be extra strong tissue paper to be able to sand it. The girls must be a great help in adding dimension!
    monica 54

  4. Ooh, I'm going to look into the perfect pearls! Thanks for stopping by. Hugs! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #43

  5. Wonderful backgrounds, love the texture from the tissue paper! Happy WOYWW! Evelyn # 58

  6. Hello Nan. Lovely background pieces for your book covers. Well done. Lots of folk seem to be doing things with their ATC storage and display ideas today...
    Have a really special week.

  7. those covers will look great !
    Darlene #56

  8. Lovely papers - they are going to make great backgrounds for your folder - I love the subtle colours. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I hope you have a great week.
    Diana #29

  9. I'm liking the look of those papers and can't wait to see your finished journal.
    Have a lovely week
    Gillian #28

  10. Nan, these papers are just scrumptious. I do love Dylusions but they are pretty strong and intense - it just depends on what look you are after, I suppose. I have made my own Perfect Pearls glimmer mists and the effect is lovely.

    Thanks for your visit and your nice comment - yes, I've got a lot of gel mediums and stuff out at the moment! It all has a shelf where it is supposed to live but doesn't get put away very often! Glad you like my little album, too.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #23

  11. great idea to glue tissue first then spray with color. looking forward to seeing where you go with it.
    ~~irene #70

  12. that background is so totally COOL I love the colors :) Thanks for the visit! ~Stacy #63

  13. Hi Nan, thanks for your visit earlier. Glad you like the cameo :) I am a multi-tasker, I am a Project Manager in real spills over into my craft life..LOVE that you are making an album for your ATC's..I put mine in my 2014 Art Journal. Looking forward to seeing the finished item. Cx #57

  14. Hi Nan, thanks for your visit earlier. Glad you like the cameo :) I am a multi-tasker, I am a Project Manager in real spills over into my craft life..LOVE that you are making an album for your ATC's..I put mine in my 2014 Art Journal. Looking forward to seeing the finished item. Cx #57

  15. They will make fab covers. I have two days at Annie's with the twins this week so no sewing or crafting for me. Have a lovely week. x Jo

  16. I used the close up version of your photo to see what you were on about. Wow! That is pretty nifty. You'll have some fun playing with that. I like that the mist is a light color, not over whelming. Judy #72

  17. What a wonderful idea! I look forward to seeing the finished album cover. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#38)

  18. Hello Nan I really like the look of the background papers you are making. I need to think about how to store/display my ATC's. Thanks for sharing. Anne x #32

  19. Hi Nan,
    What a great idea to have a special ATC book for the Swap (did you receive mine?). I didn't swap with too many people this year but I do have a nice collection. I've thought of displaying them on the side of one of the bookshelves by my new crafting desk (which I've yet to use).

    Thank you for visiting me already!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay (60)

  20. It's been a long day full of fun for me but that means this has been my first chance to call by at my blogging friends to see what they have all been up to so I'm sorry for the delay this week.
    I always enjoy seeing what you clever paper crafters do with all the techniques you the latest results.
    Annie x # 17

  21. Blogger seems to be acting up a little lately, I've had to refresh some pages for them to show up or pictures wouldn't load the first time. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier. Love the idea of an ATC book the cover papers are beautiful. #39

  22. What a fun idea to have something specific to put the WOYWW ATCs in. Hmmm will have to think on this while I wait for yours to arrive. I like the background you've got going. Creative Blessings ~Kelly #55

  23. Hi Nan, and thanks for visiting my desk. I'm loving what you're doing with the tissue paper and will be interested to see the final production. Cheers and happy WOYWW RobynO#8

  24. I too love using perfect pearls, gives the finished project a nice glow. I am going to try this technique. Please show the finished project as I am very interested! thank you so much for sharing! Diane #71

  25. I've been using the Luminarte powders to make sprays and love them. Think they will be similar to what you are using. But I do like the Dylusions.
    Look forward to seeing your book finished - do show it to us [lease.
    Hugs, Neet 10 xx

  26. I'm loving the texture on this cover you are making, look forward to seeing the finished album. I may have to make a new one. I bought one years ago but it is filling up and I still have some ATCs in boxes too.
    I am interested to hear the number of people having problems with Blogger. I have been having problems with posting new stand alone pages, they just wont show on my blog.
    Anyway, happy crafting, Angela x #48

  27. What a great idea to make a book to hold them all in I don't have that many this year but very happy with the ones I did get :) Love that tissue paper it's so amazing hugs Nikki 6

  28. Intersting about your preference for the sprays, the PP ones are a lot less saturated for sure. Your album cover is going to be lovely. I want to belatedly thank you for the lovely was waiting when we got back from Spain and I've really enjoyed having it whilst I've been recuperating.

  29. Oh lovely, lovely papers! I always love starting something and then coming back to see it the next morning, it always looks so much better! Thanks for visiting me!
    Angie #52

  30. Wow I love your backgrounds and yes sometimes the bright colors can be a bit too much and the shimmer mists can achieve a better result. Looks like you are having fun regardless.

    Say hi to the girls.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 81

  31. I'm not as ambitious as you, dear friend. I have a three ring binder and those plastic baseball card holders. Back when I was making ATCs, I bought several packages of them, since they came with 10 sheets (and each sheet holds nine ATCs). I still have plenty of empty sheets I can fill with ATCs. Of course, I adore what you are doing! Good for you. I bet the Girls are (or will be) happy with it, too.

    Hugs from Bleubeard and happy 4th from both of us. I can tell the girls hate this day as much as Bleubeard does.

  32. Loving the atc holder covers! Sorry I'm late visiting. Helen #2

  33. Actually the reason I am here is to answer your questions. I have been having trouble with my laptop of late and am so behind on my replies.

    They are stairs up to a green as it is part of a golf course next to the racecourse.

    Amazed you find the sign confusing but then you don't have roundabouts in the states do you?

    All the lamp posts are round said roundabout!

    Yes it is a secret garden, although when the trees drop their leaves you can see the houses out the back. The metal art is actually attached to nextdoor's wall - LOL

    Thanks for coming to visit me despite me not doing WOYWW lately, much appreciated.

    Your ATC album is coming along great, I could do with doing one myself. BJ

  34. The wrinkled tissue paper looks awesome and will make a great album cover! Hope we'll get to see it when finished!

  35. Great to see you having fun and creating beauty on your craft mat there Nan. Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my blog. In answer to your question the technique can be found on p45 of the Compendium of Curiosities 3. Hope that helps. Jenny x

  36. Lovely spritzing... like you I tend to prefer the subtle mists over those full on Dylusions, but they do have their moments!
    Alison xx