Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WOYWW 300!!!

HolyMoly almost missed the 300th edition of What's On Your Workdesk! I have met such wonderful peeps and made some fab friends too, as I've desk hopped thru this weekly event. Brought you by... Dear Julia our amazing hostess! You must join in and take a peek what others are working on or not working on scattered around this crafty world.

My desk is a mess! I'm still trying to craft whilst most of the stash is stashed in other words not fully unpacked yet...still! One day maybe (yea right I hear Ya say.) I'm in the midst of trying to make a mini album. Like a 4"x4" mini! Four pages cut and folded, TH paper cut and started to distress the edges when the hands said 'time out'. So we're resting them today. ;)

What's on your desk today? I'll make the rounds later tonite and have a peek. Now don't clean up on account of my pending visit. ;)

Crafty hugs,
Nan and the Girls


  1. At least you've made a start on your mini album, I started one but can't actually remember where I stored it!!!
    Happy 300th
    Jan s. No 49

  2. I have as friend that cranks those mini's out like they are nothing. As for me I seem to have one always in progress but not quite finished. I love the idea but lose interest before I finish!
    Glenda #43

  3. oooh hopefully your hands rest up quickly between posts so you can continue :) ~Stacy #65

  4. Great that you made it! I don't seem to get far with making a mini album. Happy WOYWW Anne x #38

  5. I found it an interesting challenge when I still had packed stash it's funny how CAS is the way to go when that happens HAPPY WOYWW 300 hugs Nikki 1

  6. Lots of making and thinking and creating going on and that's a great thing to see, Nan! Happy 300th WOYWW!! Hugs to you and the girls, Darnell #15

  7. no, no tidying up here... hope you get your mini album finished and unpack the rest of your supplies!! Helen 5

  8. Nan, i could not clean up even if I wanted to LOL So you're in luck. I look forward to your visit. Creative Blessings! Kelly #73

  9. Now that is one really good cutter you have on the desk, I have the one that is a tad smaller and I love it to bits it's easy to slip onto the desk cut quick and put away again and blade replacement is really easy. I actually have some titanium blades on my desk for my cutter they are just out of camera shot. It's good to get stuck into creating mini albums, I wish I could create something at least but too much travel and work for me at the moment. Thanks for visiting already, Yoda sends his love.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda #89
    Happy 300th WOYWW

  10. Rest your hands and contemplate unpacking! You will get to it - one day you'll just be so fed up with not having access to it all!

  11. Bleubeard is giving me fits because he says he's wanted to visit since Wednesday and I have dropped the ball. it's true, I have, and I feel bad. Please believe me when I say it was certainly unintentional. I thought I would get by sooner. I really worry about your hands. I know what you are going through, since I can't do things like doodles and such. The one zentangle I made took me three days to get my dominant hand moving again.

    Thanks for your constant support of me and your always wonderful comments. I'm deeply grateful, and I know Bleubeard purrs when I tell him I'm writing to T.

  12. Wow 300th edition. Isn't that brilliant. That's an amazing achievement and I know that if I hadn't desk hopped then we wouldn't have met Nan.
    I know I haven't shown my desk much lately, but that's because basically it was hijacked by my daughter for a while... but I've got it back this week.
    I've got boxes and packages in every room I think so it'll take me some sorting too.
    I'll take my time settling back in if you will ;D
    Have a great week xoxo