Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Good morning folks! And the count down to the WOYWW anniversary begins.

I'm linking up with Julia today showing my desk is still in the throws of mini making. I had to turn on the lights this morning so you could see as Mr Sun is slow to make an appearance today. Must be the time change has him confused also. :) Anyway, the mini has been assembled and I'm working on embellies for it.

The second pic was requested by 'T'. She wanted to show you 'her' desk and say Hi to her followers; Bleubeard, Squiggles and Yoda.
Hi guys! ;)

(Pppfffttt....then she went and fell asleep behind the bigshot. :/ )

Well that's it from me today. Be dropping in for a visit as I can throughout the week. Have a great week!

Crafty hugs,
Nan and the Girls


  1. Hi Nan, I suppose you have a fight when you need to use the desk, what strange places Cats and Dogs love to sleep.
    Jan S no 57


  2. Begin forwarded message:

    Bleubeard and Elizabeth has left a new comment on your post "WOYWW 301":

    Bleubeard kept screaming for me to enlarge the photo so he could see T this morning. Of course, he had to listen to me say how much I like that mission style table she's sitting on. After he had a look and "spoke" to her in his usual way, he promptly walked away and laid back down. As for Squiggles, he was already running around. Seems the time change hasn't affected him at ALL. Only Bleubeard and I seem to be suffering.

    I actually came to see YOU and that new mini you made. It's looking good, and I am intrigued by the die cuts you have made. I hope to see the entire book soon, because what I see is gorgeous.

    Thanks for stopping by this morning to see Bleubeard and Squiggles. I guess you saw I am NOT playing this week, because I forgot it was Wednesday and am very engrossed in the Kings and Queens AB I'm working on at the moment. And of course, I can't leave Baby out without saying hi to her, too!

    1. Sorry E, my shaky hand hit delete instead of save on your comment so I copied it over. Baby is out of sorts and off hiding this morning.

  3. I think every craft table needs a kitty. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #48

  4. Looking forward to seeing that mini finished. Yes, our pets do have a way of staking out their own we like them in that spot or not...LOL

    Not playing this week, due to the pet crisis, just taking a few moments to comment on the blogs I regularly follow.

  5. Your mini book looks very nice and I think your kitty is very generous to leave you so much space :-)
    Thanks for your earlier visit
    Gabriele 15

  6. Cats just know all the best places even if it's somewhere you want to be Lol! Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 31

  7. ooh that is great that you are allowed to create on her table :) ~Stacy #79

  8. Oh look at T at her desk, makes me miss Yoda, Cats are the best judges of places to be, is she going to make some cat art? Happy crafting.

    Hugs Eliza

  9. If you don't make space for the cat they seem to want to be exactly where your working Happy WOYWW hugs Nikki

  10. It's always nice to visit! Happy belated WOYWW! Glenda E33

  11. Thanks for calling by at mine yesterday.
    It's funny that cats, like us, choose to work/sit in the best places and your cat is like me....when the camera comes out you try to hide behind something :-)
    Annie x # 18

  12. Hi NanG, Always nice to craft with others. T is obviously having a think about the next project:)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #43

  13. Oh, to fit behind the Big Shot for a snooze! The mini looks amazing already, bet you're really enjoying it.

  14. Looks like there's good progress on the mini-making... looking forward to the finished album. Love the photo of T catnapping behind the BigShot! Been struggling to keep up lately... but it's nice finally to have time to drop in.
    Alison xx

  15. Of course T fell asleep Nan... do you know how exhausting photo shoots can be ^..^
    Great photo though so well worth it.
    Have a wonderful weekend

  16. I have not been able to post for WOYWW for a while, hoping to be back this week. Love your puddy tat, mine sends his regards...his name is Marmalade. As for my hats, well, I have not really blogged the silver one properly and the black one...not at all! I did not take step out photos of them as I made them, so I am guessing that is the reason for their lack of visibility. I am going to post the silver one shortly...

  17. Gosh I feel like I haven't got to woyww for ages, but it's only been a couple of weeks! You were busy with the mini--how is it coming along?

    Next time, I'm definitely showing the cats.


  18. Hi Nan,
    Just stopped by to tell you that Krisha did NOT send me those pens, but she TOLD me they should work on rubber stamps as long as they contained water based ink. Thanks for your lovely comment, though. Bleubeard got all excited when I told him I was going to write to T!

  19. Just stopped by to say hi--it feels like I haven't woywwed for ages, and miss seeing everyone!

    Have a great weekend, Nan!


  20. Haha! I love that your cat helps you create! My dogs and cat help as well. Your desk looks like fun stuff is happening there! Sweet! Hugz! ~Niki