Friday, April 28, 2017

Happy Spring?

Hopefully, it's Spring where you are. Here in Florida we've jumped right into an early summer with temps in the low 90s (F) already. That's end of May temps for us usually. I'm not complaining tho....I loves the heat!

Here's my latest painting. I was following a YouTube tutorial by #TheArtSherpa. I've changed the colors of my flowers to be more spring like from the dark purples and reds she used.

Love this one! Hope you do too.

I've got two more backgrounds started so I'll be back once they're all done.

Have a great weekend!

Crafty hugs,

Nan and the Girls



  1. WOW, this is gorgeous! You are very talented!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous!! Your flowers are so beautiful, I love the colours you chose. The background is amazing, your bokeh works brilliantly to achieve a depth of field effect. Wonderful painting, just amazing work!

  3. Beautifully painted Nan. You must be thrilled with the pretty too.

  4. Your tulips look just wonderful. There's a carefree joyful freshness to this painting which is really appealing.
    Alison x